An ecological and natural alternative for your period.

Today, women have endless options on the market to be comfortable during the menstruation, and one of them is menstrual cups. These consist of a cup based on medical silicone, which is characterized by being comfortable, hypolargenic, reusable, economical, ecological and easily usable by women of all ages … The best thing is that they can last for more than ten years. Take a look at these options and join this new trend.

1. Firewood: menstrual cup for a regular and heavy flow

These reusable menstrual cups have been made with silicone and medical grade dyes. They are inserted like a tampon and you can last them up to 12 consecutive hours.

It offers you a full protection and an odorless and sensation-free period. Its users claim not to use more tampons and towels. You can run, dance, swim and sleep comfortably while wearing it. With proper care they can last you many years.

2. Dutchess: silicone menstrual cups

Based super soft silicone 100% safe, medical grade and toxic and chemical free. It comes in a presentation with two units.

They are 100% waterproof and are suitable for women who have not given birth or who have had a cesarean section. Registered by the FDA. Take one with you and leave the other at home.

3. ECOAMOR: menstrual cups with kit included

The menstrual cups have been made from medical grade silicone. The kit includes a sterilization wash cup and a storage bag.

They are safe for the skin, discreet and easy to clean. Their design will allow you to disinfect them completely before and after use, which does not happen with those of other brands.

4. InvisiCup: 5-Piece Menstrual Cup Set

Based medical grade siliconeThe menstrual cups come in a 5-piece set including: 2 invisiCups, 1 wash bottle, 1 cloth, and a carry bag. Perfect for you to take with you wherever you want.

Up to 12 hours of use without problems, you will feel comfortable wearing them. Change your cup, use the bottle to clean, and the cloth to dry them. The kit will allow you to carry out a correct cleaning after each use.

5. OrganiCup: organic menstrual cups

These menstrual cups based on medical grade silicone They are soft, flexible and reusable, they are also certified as hypoallergenic and toxin free.

Eliminate irritation and the dryness you could feel, while guaranteeing a natural balance of your pH in your intimate area.