Soon comes Father’s day, a very special date for you to celebrate with the most important men in your life; and as they also deserve to have the necessary products for the care of their skin and hair, here we show you the best personal care sets that you can give them in their day so that they stay so handsome and jovial as usual.

1. Beard Mafia: Special care kit for men’s beards

Product package for watch out of male beards. This kit features a beard straightener for styling, an oil, beard butter, conditioner and a special beard shaping tool, plus a comb.

If your father is a man who likes to keep his beard arranged And well presentable, this kit will be the perfect gift for him on his day.

2.Gillette: 3-in-1 shaver with blade set

Gillette brand shaver design with 3-in-1 function. technology Engineered Braun, which allows easy handling and professional cutting. Package includes 1 cutter, 1 ProGlide Power cartridge, 3 combs, 1 battery, and 1 organizer.

If you are looking for a product that is useful to your father or husband in his day, this Shaver Gillette brand is ideal for daily use, in addition to being made with high quality blades.

3. RUGGED & DAPPER: Travel kit for face care and personal hygiene


Travel kit for men’s grooming. It includes moisturizing facial, daily facial cleanser, body wash and shampoo, plus an organic lip balm made with 100% natural ingredients.

If you plan to celebrate Father’s Day with an original gift, nothing better than to give him a useful travel kit with products essential for optimal facial and body cleaning.

4. Body Prescriptions: Essential kit for men’s body care

Collection pack of 6 essential products for body care and facial of the men. Set includes 1 bar of soap, 1 body scrub, 1 cleansing shower gel, 1 shaving cream, 1 moisturizing lotion, and a lip balm.

Every parent would like to receive this cleaning body and facial on your special day. You can give this set of products the care of your personal hygiene.

5. Adel Store: Complete set for nail care


Complete set of nail clipper, which has 12 essential pieces for nail care and manicure or pedicure treatments. It includes from scissors to high quality files.

This game laptop It is easy to transport, as well as being comfortable for the user. You can give it to your father on his special day.