The world has advanced in the term of communications through the use and improvement of Technological tools. Since the invention of the first telephone in the year 1860, there are many ways in which each individual can communicate with another person and make the inconvenience of distance in terms of communication much shorter. However, technology has transcended so much that we can now communicate with these man-made devices to excel in multiple functions, and whose purpose is to facilitate the days to come by simplifying tasks that we must perform daily at home and at work.

In 2014 the virtual assistant developed by Amazoncalled Alexa. A few months after its distribution it arrived to positively impact the lives of people who use this system of smart speakers for various tasks. One of the great comforts that the system lends to its users is the use of commands that you can make through the configuration of voice commands and skills, which have been like a kind of accessories that must be installed as applications to add more features and improve the experience of having Alexa.

If you are a person who leads a very active lifestyle and you lack time to enter your desktop computer Or use the phone to browse the internet and search for specific information on a topic you need. The system of this artificial intelligence allows you to easily activate it and ask Alexa directly what you want to know so that she can later provide you with all the information and tools you need on a topic, to organize and make your day more efficient and keep you updated on everything that interests you.

It is one of the simplest ways to get weather information and control other smart devices from a distance, as long as they are compatible with the virtual assistant. One of the characteristics that make Alexa such a requested system is that you can find it in various languages Available among which stand out English, German, Japanese, French, Italian and more recently Spanish.

Alexa is a software elaborated to make your days a simpler and more efficient experience. In this opportunity we want to present you 5 portable speaker options that include the virtual assistant for a low cost so that you get the best out of each of its benefits and bring the latest technology communications to your home, office or wherever you go.

1. Speaker for security system

This speaker system controlled by the user’s voice includes all the functions of the Alexa virtual assistant, a software that through clear sound allows you to hear first-hand all the information on any subject you want to know. One of its most notable capabilities is that of receive instructions even when you are away from the device. So if you are in another room you just have to increase the volume of your voice and ask to activate the desired function so that Alexa listens and responds efficiently. You can connect it to another compatible Echo device or use them as a Bluetooth speaker.

With this assistant you can play music, answer questions by asking questions, listen to the news of your city, set alarms, control smart devices that are compatible with the home, and if you are looking to have a fun time with your friends and loved ones; Alexa is able to transmit for you the best songs from the playlist available on the platform as Amazon Music, Spotify Y Pandora among many others. Among the functions that this assistant can perform inside the house is that of turning the lights on or off, adjusting the temperature of the rooms, locking the doors when leaving for greater security, sharing your TV programming schedule so that you can choose among your favorite programs and other actions that you can activate and enjoy.

2. Player HD sound and touch control

With a beautiful presentation of the latest technology, it is an integrated speaker with the virtual assistant Alexa, and certified by its creators Amazon to perform various functions that will help simplify some needs both inside and outside your home. This device can produce stereo sound of high quality and it has dual acoustic controllers that produce a higher volume that can be heard throughout the house.

Being portable you can take it everywhere with you and enjoy all the benefits of the smart assistant from the car, take it to a celebration and enjoy music or just have it at home. You will not have to worry about its functional time since it has a battery that lasts up to 9 hours, in addition to having its respective functions that are activated through the touch screen configuring the system through Wi-Fi.

With the Alexa voice controller, you can activate various modes such as the button to use the microphone through which you can order your favorite music, or even order a pizza by linking it with other smart devices.

3. Quality ECO access point premium

Created with a second generation ECO access point that makes it an efficient portable speaker that when activated with the virtual assistant Alexa provides one of the best options to simplify your days. The Nomodo speaker Echo Dot Comes with a USB port connection and an auxiliary headphone or microphone cable.

Always have this handy assistant to choose the best song at that special moment when you are at home, to listen to the news of the day in your city or to stay informed with the weather forecast. This latest generation device has a powerful speaker.

4. Wireless system that changes its color

Designed with beautiful colors that change shades, this speaker system with integrated Alexa does not have to be connected to a Wi-Fi to keep all its functions operating at its maximum capacity. Its resistant casing is water proof and dust. Among its functional options, it allows you to make phone calls to smartphones that use assistants such as Siri or Google.

This speaker has 5 modalities in the change of light that can be with bright colors, quick changes or fixed in a specific color to illuminate your home and give a new look to your decoration.

5. Portable speaker and wireless with Alexa

Designed with the highest technology, this device with the integrated Amazon Alexa virtual assistant is a portable 360-degree speaker that allows it to be used from any angle. It has a powerful 5200 mah built-in lithium battery that allows you to enjoy up to 8 hours play music or other functions continuously.

With this efficient portable speaker that has a few details of craftsmanship you can not only enjoy every function that Alexa offers, but also beautify every space where you place it at home. You can also take it to everywhere and freely play all your favorite music.