A car that it is well cared for, in addition to being pleasing to the eye, is a guarantee that it will have a long useful life. The seating they deserve special attention, as daily wear leaves them prone to staining and deterioration more easily. To clean them in depth you do not need to take them to a specialist, if you have any of these 5 products you can do it yourself from home.

1. Interior cleaner with nanotechnology


It has been formulated using the latest nanotechnology to create a product that effectively cleans dirt and dust from all surfaces inside the car. It is efficient for disinfecting leather, vinyl, fabric, canvas and more.

It is very easy to use. Just spray a little of the product on a microfiber cloth and then gently pass it over the surface, once this is done you use another dry handkerchief to remove the residue.

2.Super Concentrated cleaner


Equipped with a powerful sprayer, it has been designed to clean safe all surfaces of car seats including leather, fabric, vinyl or any other material.

You just need to spray directly on the surface of your seats and rub gently with a clean cloth to make them look like new. It leaves no residue so you do not need to rinse it.

3. Mix for upholstery with microfiber scarf


Safe product for deep cleaning the seats of the vehicle, regardless of whether they are made of fabric, vinyl, semi leather or other synthetic materials. You just need to spray the product directly on the surface and spread gently with its microfiber handkerchief.

It is a practical formula to keep your car seats impeccable, while preserves and protects the surface to extend its life. Without a doubt, a versatile option to help you with cleaning tasks.

4. Towels disposable cleaning


Each disposable towel has cleaning agents and conditioners that clean, enhance, restore, and protect the natural beauty of all leather items inside your car.

They practically and easily remove the dirt that accumulates on the surface of your seats. Its small size allows you to store them inside the car, so you can instantly clean any spill or dust.

5. Cleaner for leather seats


The skin requires special attention and care, especially considering the time they are exposed to the intense heat and humidity inside the car. These microfiber towels renew and revive the upholstery of your seats.

It is an excellent and very practical tool to maintain the leather seats of your car. Using them regularly helps you preserve material quality for longer.