Enjoy the beauty of your rugs to the fullest.

We all like the idea of ​​a 100% clean and germ-free home, and one of the pieces that requires special attention when cleaning is the rugs. For this you must use products that allow you to clean in depth without harming the fabric or the color of the tapestry. That is why below we present five options with which you can get rid of stains on your carpets once and for all.

1. Eliminator stains and odors

It is a 32 ounce spray of natural enzyme fluid containing ammonia crystals and organic ingredients that eliminate batteries that produce bad odor and stains. It is a powerful yet lightweight formula that leaves no residue.

This is a guaranteed product with which you can thoroughly clean all your carpets, furniture, floors and other articles of your home, in this way allows you to have a more hygienic home.

2. Stain remover for rugs

A stain removal formula capable of removing instantaneously the dirt and germs accumulated on the carpets. A powerful, professional quality spray that is the ultimate in carpet and upholstery care.

It is an easy product to use and not cause allergies or other side effects. You can forget about stains and germs with this powerful and effective cleaning formula.

3. Stain remover instant

It is an instant mat cleaner with a powerful formula that eliminates spots and other germs found between the fibers of the carpet. This professional quality product produces no side effects.

With this practical and powerful product, you can keep harmful microorganisms at bay and easily remove stains from your rugs without making much effort.

4. Remover spots

It is a carpet stain remover that can also be used to treat upholstery and items made with wool. It is a safe product with a spray type dispenser.

This product lungodly and protects at the same time all kinds of fabrics found in furniture, clothing, car upholstery and carpets. The concentrated formula is useful for removing oil stains.

5. Quality deep cleaner professional

It is a professional cleaner with a patented formula to remove stains and eliminate bad smells. Its ingredients penetrate the fibers upholstery, instantly removing stains, odors and allergens.

This carpet shampoo greatly reduces efforts to remove microorganisms and stains from your carpet. With this product you can keep your family free of diseases, dirt and bad smells.