Protect the well-being of your eyes with these products.

The conjunctivitis It is an inflammation or infection located in the transparent membrane that is responsible for covering the eyelid and the white part of the eyeball of our eyes. In this sense, when the small blood vessels of the conjunctiva (which is the name of this membrane) become inflamed, they become more visible and this is what makes the whites of the eyes turn reddish or pink.

One of the most frequent causes of this inflammation is due to a bacterial or viral infection, as well as it can also be caused by an allergic reaction, and in the case of babies it occurs because one of the tear ducts is partially open. Despite the fact that this condition is usually very bothersome, it can rarely affect vision and with the use of proper treatments relieve your discomfort.

East infection It is usually very contagious, for this reason its early diagnosis and treatment is essential in order to limit the contagion. In principle, the most frequent symptoms of conjunctivitis They are caused by redness in one or both eyes, itching also in one or both eyes and a slimy discharge that crusts especially at night and with tearing.

Among other causes of this infection or inflammation of the eye, we can find viruses, bacteria, allergies, the splashing of a chemical inside the eye, eye contact with a foreign object and obstruction of the tear ducts. However, in most cases of conjunctivitis they are the product of a virus. On the other hand, in the case of the type of viral or bacterial conjunctivitis they can occur together with colds.

Also, the conjunctivitis can accompany respiratory infections such as sore throat. Likewise, the prolonged use of contact lenses without following the proper ways of hygiene or also, if they are used by different people can produce and be the carriers of bacterial conjunctivitis. Both types are highly contagious, spread through direct or indirect contact with the discharge from the infected person’s eye.

Finally, in the case of conjunctivitis Allergic, it affects both eyes and is the immediate response due to a certain allergy-causing substance. In this case, you may experience intense itching, tearing, and inflammation of the eyes. When conjunctivitis is caused by irritation, it is directly associated with the splash or contact of substances and foreign objects with the eyes. As for the treatment, if we use the indicated one, it can relieve the symptoms immediately and for this reason, we show you below some of the best options that you can try from home, always with professional advice.

1. Drops for Red Eye Relief


These drops are responsible for stimulating the body’s natural ability to temporarily relieve the symptoms of red eyes or conjunctivitis. Its formula is designed without the use of potentially irritating ingredientsThey are only made with natural active ingredients and are therefore safe to be used even by people with contact lenses.

The recommended dose for specialists to quickly relieve conjunctivitis is apply two to three drops to the eye as necessary. You must repeat it continuously until the symptoms have disappeared. You can safely use and apply them as many times as necessary.

2. Eye Drops of Polypropylene


It’s about a sterile antibiotic treatment specially formulated for infections such as conjunctivitis. The presentation of these drops is given by a bottle with a capacity of 15 milliliters, which makes it easier to squeeze and thus be able to apply it more easily to the affected eye.

Its formula is suitable to be used by both adults as well as children over six. You only need to place two or three drops in each eye, according to the degree of infection and repeat several times during the day, as well as follow the treatment until the symptoms of conjunctivitis have completely disappeared.

3. Drops for Eye irritations

They are eye drops that temporarily relieve mild irritation due to fatigue, as well as irritations caused by elements in the environment such as ragweed, pollen or dust. Its formula does not contain vasoconstrictors or astringent.

Each of the single-use sterile doses contain no preservatives and help prevent contamination. They are recommended to be used by people from the age of two, as it is a natural way to help your body. Its convenient presentation has thirty individual doses.

4. Ointment for eyes


It is an eye ointment formulated without preservatives, specially created for relieve symptoms of red eyes or conjunctivitis at night. It works in a two-part system: first, the basic ingredients of mineral oil and white petrolatum that work to keep the area clean and lubricated.

Secondly. its 100% natural active ingredients, Formulated to help combat red eye symptoms while you sleep. In this way, the ointment is responsible for relieving aches and pains before bed, allowing you to enjoy restful sleep so that your body heals naturally.

5. Drops for the eyes


It is a unique formulation that has been developed by clinicians and is clinically proven to reduce redness after one minute of application, as well as to maintain its effect after eight hours after use. Its ingredients do not contain bleach or any type of colorants.

So it takes care of significantly remove redness so that your eyes appear clearer, brighter and much more radiant. In this sense, they work selectively so as not to cause and avoid the risk of side effects during their use and without a doubt a practical solution for conjunctivitis.