The bad breath Also known as halitosis, it is a phenomenon that occurs due to the accumulation of bacteria that lodge in the mouth, teeth and gums. This is a common problem that if not treated in time can cause us uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. The products that we will show you below are very useful to eliminate these bacteria that are hidden in the mouth safely and definitively.

1. Peppermint spray to refresh your mouth

It is an oral solution that is applied in the form of a spray. It will reach the most difficult areas of your mouth and will kill bacteria They cause bad breath, leaving a pleasant mint aroma. The embace contains enough for more than 150 applications and the formula is sugar free.

Small, practical and easy to carry wherever you want. Quickly refresh your breath while eliminating bad breath, you can use daily No problem.

2. Chewable pills to combat bad breath

A product recommended by dentists. They are chewable capsules made with peppermint oil and parsley seed oil. Its components act immediately and fight bad breath.

It will help you in case of dire need and will remove unpleasant odors. They are easy to swallow and instantly transmit freshness to your breath.

3. Mouthwash 2 in 1 teeth whitening

Mouthwash can be included in your daily routine for better oral hygiene. Its formula contains purified water, OXYD-8, hydrogenated castor oil, sodium bicarbonate, sodium benzoate, peppermint essential oil and sodium hydroxide and antimicrobial properties that give you one for more than 24 hours.

Say goodbye to bad breath, enjoy better oral health and prevent cavities, plaque and gingivitis in your teeth. A set that has a 5-star rating and can be purchased for as little as $ 14.

4.Chewable pills with probiotic strains

These are pills approved by specialists. It is a formula that contains 12 strains of probiotics that provide benefits for oral health and improve immune defenses.

On the occasions that you are away from home and you detect that you have bad breath, these pills will get you out of any trouble. They are safe for children and adults.

5. Powerful probiotics for gum and tooth health

A chewy probiotic that produces an enzyme that kills bacteria from your teeth and gums. Contains beneficial components such as zinc to strengthen teeth. It is free of gluten, sugar, iron, flavors and artificial colors.

Probiotics are good bacteria It fights bad bacteria in the mouth that produces bad breath. You can use it after brushing, and it will help eliminate chronic bad breath from the roots.