The scents they can evoke places, people and flavors. Some are pleasant just by perceiving them and can mark a before and after in a person’s life; hence the importance of smells. When it comes to perfumesundoubtedly the goal is to use one that is pleasing to the sense of smell and that leave an unforgettable trail anywhere. If you are looking for one that impacts, we recommend these five from the firm Ralph Lauren that you can find for very low cost.

1. Ralph Lauren: Ralph

This rich perfume called Ralph by Ralph Lauren, shares a floral fragrance that evokes the delicious flavors of the fruits which gives a tropical touch to your days. It comes in a nice and delicate turquoise blue glass spray bottle with 100 ml of perfume inside.

It is important for women today to have a flawless appearance and among that, smell divine to make your days more enjoyable doing what you are passionate about.

2. Ralph Fresh

A rich perfume with notes of magnolia and lemon that emit a citrus scent. With these characteristics, the Ralph Fresh edition of Ralph Lauren has been created, which you can find in a 100 ml glass container.

Spraying this delicious aroma on your body will be a pleasure for those who use it, as its impact is long lasting allowing you to smell rich all day with just a few applications on the pulse, chest and behind the ears.

3. Ralph Love by Ralph Lauren

A perfume created for the woman who loves being surrounded by nature and enjoying each stage with the most divine aromas. This one especially transmit notes of red apple, sweet cotton candy and notes of pink rose.

This is a long-lasting fragrance so you can be sure that you will spend a daily day with a delicious aroma. It is suitable for any skin type And you can include it in your daily beauty routine.

4. Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance

As a midnight romance This edition of Ralph Lauren is presented, a perfume released in 1998 and which offers several versions since its release. Its presentation comes in a glass bottle topped with a black and silver cap, plus the label with the name of the fragrance.

If you are a lover of sweet aromas, this is a great detail to include in your days, because you will enjoy the fragrance of raspberry, lychee, Italian bergamot, jasmine and strawberries, delicately mixed with black vanilla.

5. Big pony by Ralph Lauren

This perfume belongs to the so-called Big Pony 2 Collection by Ralph Lauren, ideal for women who live their days spontaneously. His presentation comes in pink glass jar with the identification of its creator in green t

It is a very sensual perfume for women who love to impact wherever they go. His composition denotes floral aromas, tropical fruit and it has a touch of blueberry and tonka. It represents a great detail when giving a special girl.