The best option to keep your home cool on hot days.

There is nothing more functional to refresh any environment in your home than a ceiling fan. It is a practical and comfortable way to distribute the air and not take up a lot of space. In most cases, these fans also include a lamp and up to remote control, like the ones we will show you below:

1. Tropicalfan: Modern Ceiling Fan


The glass screen and the 4 stainless steel blades with a natural satin silver finish give this ceiling fan a modern and elegant look. Its copper motor offers powerful air movement.

It is perfect to install it in small living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices. You can operate the speed of the fan and lights with the remote control with timer function.

2. Ceiling Fan with LED Light Set

It is a ceiling fan and lamp crystal chandelier 2 in 1 with LED lights. It has 4 retractable blades made of resistant acrylic, they stretch or are placed inside when you turn it on or off.

You may control separately the speed of the fan and lights through your remote control. It is safe to be used on a daily basis in any room of the house that you want.

3. Fan Roof for Interiors

Is a contemporary version of the traditional ceiling fan, since it is compact and adapts to a room no matter how small or medium. It gives you the light and air movement necessary to feel comfortable.

It is perfect for applications in small rooms and is designed to complement today’s decorating trends. Its flush mount design is ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

4. Fan Glass roof

Made with K9 crystal Top, high quality, transparent acrylic shrink sheets and metal body. The blades will automatically stretch and position inside when turning on and off.

It is the perfect combination For a variety of decoration styles, with its remote control you can control the speed, regulate the light and change the colors of the LED lights.

5. Fan Contemporary Ceiling

The fan body of nickel steel Brushed ensures rust-free performance, even after years of service. The 3 sheets of plywood add luxury to your space.

Your engine produces a almost imperceptible noise. This reversible dual direction fan improves air circulation to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.