Removing makeup is one of the most important steps in any beauty routine.

There are many benefits that makeup offers for you, especially if you are looking to stand out in an event or social gathering. However, the most important of all routine makeup is to remove it completely at night before sleeping. So it is important to have reusable makeup remover towels that they will not only take care of you skin, they will also make you save money.

Nugilla: Chemical-free makeup remover towel

Material made of 100% fabric polyesterabsorbent and chemical free. It is a multifunctional towel that removes eyebrow pencil, lip gloss, eye shadows, among others. Cleanses and offers constant care of the face.

This towel make-up remover It is ideal for you, since it can easily remove paint residues on the skin, as well as being made to reuse once it is completely cleaned.

VIVOT: Microfiber make-up remover and reusable towel


Set of six pieces of fabrics make-up removers, made with 100% polyester material, which also have a soft and smooth texture to the skin. These pieces easily remove eye, foundation, cheek and lip makeup. Effective, without any chemical.

Facial cloths microfiber, of essential use so that you can remove your makeup every day and at the same time provide a unique freshness to your face.

3. SINLAND: Microfiber makeup cloths


Set of towels cleaners, make-up removers and totally reusable. Fabric made of high quality material: 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. In turn, it contains plush microfiber, which is responsible for removing makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin cells.

These facial cloths Cleaners stand out as an attractive option on the market for their reusable ability to wash them with ease after use. Smooth in texture and effective in function.

KinHwa: Design of reusable facial wipes for cleaning


Towel set ultra soft for the face. Made with microfiber fabric, special for removing dirt, excess makeup, oil and other types of impurities. Comfortable and easy to use. Reinforced fabric with silky satin trim.

Ideal as an option to remove the makeup diary that lasts on your skin. This microfiber towel can be washed after being used, making it fully reusable.

5. SINLAND: Microfiber facial towel


Set of facial towels made with 100% reusable microfiber material. They are designed to remove all traces of makeup, dirt, oil, among others, leaving the skin transparent and free of impurities. Natural fabric, without chemicals.

If you are looking for a reusable cloth To clean the surface of your face, this option stands out in the market for the resistant and effective material with which it was made.