The best way to take care of your belongings at all times.

When it comes to preserving our more valuable belongings, especially those that pass from generation to generation, the quality of their safe box It should be as important as the precious objects that we keep in it. However, these boxes are usually quite expensive, making it difficult for us to access them. Luckily, this time we show you some options for less than $ 50 that you can have at home and thus keep your assets well protected at all times.

1. First Alert: lock safe for $ 21

Built in steel and durable powder coat finishThe safe with built-in handle has a super sturdy lock and includes two spare keys.

It offers you a removable cash tray of 7 compartments and locking system with 2 entry keys.

2. AmazonBasics: compact safe for $ 46

This safe slim shape Conveniently fits common drawers and features 2 lever-resistant hidden latches and hinges.

It gives you a programmable electronic keyboard for easy operation, emergency backup key and small door handle for quick access.

3. Honeywell: safe with two backup options for $ 22

With a construction of fire resistant steelThe safe includes a foam padded floor mat to protect your jewelry.

The safe offers you a sturdy lock and a special surface to protect jewelry and delicate objects.

4. SentrySafe: $ 34 fireproof safe

This safe has a flat key lock to prevent the lid from opening in case of fire. Includes two spare keys.

It is fireproof since it is rated to withstand 1/2 hour at 1550 ° F. You can keep letter-size files like passports, social security cards and birth certificates in it.

5. Yuanshikj: easy programming safe for $ 25

Made of a wall of reinforced solid steel, The safe features double safety steel door locking bolts and a stain and corrosion resistant powder coat finish.

Equipped with a easy to program digital keyboard which is easy to lock and unlock by entering the security combination. Two emergency keys are included to give you quicker and more immediate access.