Saving space in our home is very important to have a more organized and efficient life, especially when you live in apartments or houses with reduced space. Inside of kitchen, it is essential to avoid food contamination through a safe storage space that keeps them well preserved. That is why below we present five food containers that will allow you to have your kitchen much more organized.

1. Containers hermetic with labels

It is a set of airtight multipurpose containers made with high quality plastic. Set includes four medium, two large containers, one set of 20 whiteboard labels, a measuring cup and a marker.

These containers will allow you to stock ingredients as delicate as flour, rice, cereals and even small snacks. Its shape allows them to preserve the freshness and texture of food.

2. Set of 21 containers plastics

It is a kit with 21 plastic containers specially designed to store food. This group of containers includes cups of different sizes that are equipped with strong and secure lids.

With these containers you can store food and even use it in the microwave to heat it. Its patented design is perfect for storing and keeping in one suitable temperature each meal.

3. Packaging transparent with round edges

It is a transparent tableware with safe edges that prevent food from spilling, all thanks to its solid foundation which also makes them microwave safe. They are BPA-free containers and have a durable support.

This package of containers are made to withstand temperatures up to 230ยบ F without deforming or contaminating food. You can use it to bring food to work or save some leftovers to reheat later.

4. Set of containers 12 pieces

It is a food container set that is totally BPA free. They have a hermetic design and are made of sturdy plastic and durable in which you can store flours, sugars, cereals and other foods.

This group of containers can also be used for pasta, rice, nuts and a host of foods, all this is because they comply with all the measures of security to shelter food.

5. Glass containers with hermetic lids

They are 24 units of glass containers with vacuum-sealed lids perfect to protect food. They are designed with hermetic glass BPA free and fireproof. The set includes three different types of containers and 12 sizes.

They are high quality containers, safe to hold food and very easy to wash. Safe pieces that also keep the food odorless and free of any factor that could contaminate it.