Cold beers at all times, ready for you.

Call it convenience or practicality, but who are soda or spirit lovers need a fridge Compact and portable where they can chill their favorite drinks. Therefore, we present you with a select list of the 5 best small fridges To keep the beer Cold when your guests come to the house:

1. Costway Beverage: electronic fridge

The new fridge Costway Beverage It has a large storage capacity for drinks: up to 120 cans. It has an electronic temperature control that goes from 41 ° F to 50 ° F with removable shelves for better conditioning of the space.

It has a compact and portable size which makes it ideal for your home, restaurant, office or any other space. Its glass door has a very modern and elegant stainless steel frame. It is also equipped with LED lighting white in color.

2. Homelabs: compact, digital and practical refrigerator

Homelabs Electric Beverage Cooler 3.2 cu. ft. with a storage capacity of 120 standard-size cans and up to 60 bottles of wine. It has three adjustable and removable chrome shelves.

The mini fridge has a easily adjustable temperature control, in addition to a sensor for auto-defrost. It has a digital display for quick and precise temperature monitoring and it has an elegant hinged glass front door and a stainless steel frame. Its interior light is blue LED.

3. Danby: secured receipt

The Danby refrigerator It has a 3.3 cubic foot capacity, representing up to 120 cans. It has a mechanical thermostat with a temperature range of 43ºF to 57ºF. It is made up of 3 black wire shelves accompanied by interior light that illuminate the compartment when the door is opened.

It also has a tempered glass door with stainless steel details that keeps your drinks cool by blocking UV rays. Includes integrated lock with key.

4. Whynter BR-130SB: modern design

The fridge Whynter BR-130SB it measures 18.5 ″ long × 17 ″ wide × 33 ″ high. It holds 120 standard 12-ounce cans with a black cabinet and stainless steel door frame.

Have mechanical temperature control with a temperature range of 30ºF to 60ºF. It also has interior LED lighting with an on / off switch. Without a doubt, it has a compact design ideal for your room, shop, or anywhere you want.

5. NewAir 126: extra capacity

The refrigerator NewAir 126 It will guarantee that your drinks are perfectly frozen. The spacious 3.4 cubic foot refrigerator holds 126 cans. It has five easily removable chrome spacers to help you place cans or bottles of different sizes and shapes.

The sleek black and stainless steel design will complement any décor whether at home or at work. The design fits in many spaces at 19 ″ long by 18.25 ″ wide by 33.13 ″ high. Temperature range: 34 ° to 64 ° F.