Shoes that give you the comfort and support you need.

The spur It is a condition in the feet caused by a bony prominence that appears on the inside of the heel and arises as a consequence of excessive and continuous stretching of plantar fasciitis. This condition is quite painful and produces a feeling that is uncomfortable both when walking and standing. An effective way to relieve these pain is using special footwear, and below we present five options for men.

1. Shoes walk

They are shoes designed with a very light ergonomic sole and air cushion attached to a high quality orthopedic insole. They feature an anatomical arch support and multiple layers of padding.

This shoe provides a soft supportIt works beautifully to improve comfort and relieve pain in both the foot and heel. They offer you a perfect and personalized fit.

2. Sports tennis without laces


They are built with soft synthetic leather reinforced with a cool mesh. This pair comes with stitching and accents that take your look to another level, plus its double stretch fabric provides easy airflow so your feet are fresh at all times.

his padded collar and stitched edging offer a comfortable fit, while the memory foam padded insole massages your feet.

3. Type slippers running


They have a redesigned rubber sole that offers greater mobility, Light cushioning and better traction at every step. It is a completely non-slip shoe, easy to manage and functional on any terrain.

They are made of a selected fabric of high quality It is totally breathable, light, comfortable and suitable for walking daily without your feet feeling pain or discomfort.

4. Sport Flex Advantage


It is a shoe that is designed to be cool and comfortable, the upper part is made of breathable mesh fabric and a lace-up closure. Its cushioned insole is made entirely of memory foam.

Its light and flexible sole is responsible for absorbing shocks, in this way your feet will always be insurance and pain free no matter what activity you do. They are an excellent option for daily wear.

5. Milford Slip – On


Some slippers designed without laces that are made with a mix of leather and fabric of breathable mesh. Its sides have elastic panels that make putting them on and taking them off easier.

Inside they are equipped with a soft fabric lining and an insole. memory foam which is responsible for providing a more comfortable surface to your feet. They also have a synthetic sole that makes them an excellent option to use every day.