Models of shoes to relieve your foot pain.

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis? This condition is one of the most frequent conditions within the pains related to the ankle or foot, which many people suffer every day.

It is the inflammation of the plantar fascia, an elastic band of tissue on the sole of the foot, which is responsible for cushioning the impact when walking against the ground. This undoubtedly generates great pain, and can be caused by sports, weight gain, or wearing inappropriate footwear. Do not worry, today we bring you 5 models of shoes that will help you to alleviate this pain and stay comfortable throughout the day.

1. Orthofeet

Specially designed for people with foot problems, these Orthofeet sneakers offer a sole with great support and an air chamber to provide comfort. They are especially indicated for women suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel pain or arthritis. Its construction is made of fabric that lets your foot breathe and due to its style, it adapts very well to any situation.

Although they are the most expensive in the guide, their price is just over $ 100. Available in 3 different colors, these sneakers offer an insole inside, which increases the support in the heel and the arch. In addition, it offers a soft to the touch and seamless internal lining, so as not to put pressure on your foot. Clients in Amazon claim that these sneakers help relieve plantar fasciitis almost immediately, and that they wear this shoe almost every day for their comfort.

2. Ryka

With a sporty design and available in a wide variety of colorsThese Ryka sneakers are made of mesh-like fabric, allowing your foot to breathe. They have a large rubber base to provide support on the sole of the foot, and have a total weight of 8.8 ounces. The system Re-Zorb It provides a cushioned base that absorbs impact on the foot, along with an internal insole to provide more comfort.

They are the best-selling footwear in the guide, and also one of the best valued by customers in Amazon. Clients mention that these sneakers helped greatly decrease pain from plantar fasciitis, maintaining stability in the heels. Its padded base, the support on the arch of the foot and its low weight stand out, being an ideal shoe for people with foot problems.

3. Crocs

From the Crocs brand, this shoe offers a more elegant option sports style tennis shoes, but still offering the necessary support for your foot. They are made of fabric, with an elastic band that allows a better fit to the foot, with a sloping rubber base and a little heel.

Are the cheapest guide, and for its great support in the plant, clients recommend this shoe for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis and are looking for an appropriate option for the office or work. They recommend ordering a medium or one size more, since they have a small fit. Many clients are satisfied with these Crocs shoes, enduring many hours of pain-free standing.

4. Clarks

Made of fabric, these style shoes Mary Jane Clarks shoes are available in various colors and have a 1.35 inch high heel. his Curved rubber base provides lightweight, padded support. It has several levels that guarantee better cushioning with high-density foam, high impact absorption and the possibility of removing the internal insole to replace it with another that is more comfortable for you.

They currently have a great discount of 50% and it is one of the best valued shoes. At Amazon, customers recommend these shoes for women suffering from pain in the feet or kneesThey offer comfort with great style. They highlight its velcro system, which allows you to adjust the fit to the size of your foot more comfortably and its soft and comfortable interior, ideal for wearing without stockings.

5. Vionic

With a simple design, this Vionic shoe is made of fabric and has two elastics and a heel strap to fit them comfortably. It has biomechanical technology at its base that offers the greatest comfort and they are also APMA approved shoes. You can get these shoes in medium sizes and also wide sizes, to fit each foot perfectly.

Available in 4 color options, this shoe has a positive feedback on Amazon, where clients affirm that they are a great option for women with plantar fasciitis due to their great support, recommended even by some doctors. They mention that they fit very well and adapt to different looks easily.