The Trolls they are one of the favorite trends of adults and children today. Their movies and toys have made them very popular, and you can find these fun colorful characters with tall hairstyles and wide smiles everywhere. A new version of the famous Trolls that many of us played with a few decades ago. If you want to give your daughter a present full of color that you will surely love, check out these options Trolls toys under $ 15 that you can find in Amazon:

1. Set of 6 Trolls figures: $ 13.90

This set includes 6 figures of characters from the movie Trolls, with realistic hair. They measure between 1 and 3 inches and also work as decoration for parties.

A small family of trolls With which your daughter can play for hours, not to mention how fun it will be to comb them with hundreds of different styles.

2. Play-Doh Beauty Salon: $ 13.30

This creative Play-Doh set allows you to have a beauty salon for the Trolls characters. Includes two figures, a chair, a hair mold, a scissor and 7 Play-Doh cans of different colors.

With this game you can mold the most funny hairstyles and make all the haircuts you want. You can also design hair decorations and accessories and customize each character to your choice.

3. Poppy dolls from Trolls: $ 8.99

This fun set includes 4 figures from the movie Trolls from DreamWorks and 3 accessories with which you can style them and make fun styles.

Without a doubt, the most outstanding thing about these characters is her hair. That is why with this set of toys you can focus on designing the most colorful and fun hairstyles and promoting your creativity.

4. Trolls figures and bracelets set: $ 13.90

The Trolls Set includes 12 figures With which you can play at any time or also use as decoration of your room or a theme party. It also has 6 colored bracelets and different pins that you can put on them to decorate them.

A package perfect for a children’s party or to share with friends. It will be the center of attention for children of all ages.

5. Hair Salon and Cosmetic Trolls: $ 4.99

This game set has everything a beauty salon needs to. Includes comb, lip gloss, nail polish, hair bands and a fun wig to practice your hairstyles.

All accessories come in one colorful tin It also serves to store accessories and your most precious treasures.