Choose the bed for our room it is not a decision to be taken lightly; since not all of them can guarantee a good quality of sleep, much less a optimal rest. There are popular beliefs that consider that the mattress by itself is sufficient; But the truth is that there is nothing further from reality. The design of the bed, the type of pillow, the cover and even the sheets are small details that guarantee our comfort.

A bed it is not just a place to sleep; It can also be a space to eat, read, surf the internet or play. So your design, construction materials, size and even your style should be considered when making a choice. On busy days like these where we spend more time away from home, rest should be considered an extremely important time.

Today many people do not get a good rest and the reasons are based on their difficulties to To fall asleep or not sleeping long enough. Whatever the reason; This affects them terribly since they cannot perform adequately in their daily activities. These problems can be attributed to various factors such as stress, poor sleeping position, and of course, not having the suitable bed.

Adequate sleep recommended hours and taking short rest periods during the day are habits that ensure good health; Together, both allow our body and mind to recover to continue performing efficiently. Currently, more people are aware that it is necessary to rest between 7 and 9 hours daily.

Usually bad sleeping position and the wrong bed are the main causes of poor performance of many people; in fact, the second one can affect considerably the first The worst sleeping position is one where the person tends to rest on his stomach; this is because the spine It is totally misaligned and as a consequence a great pressure is generated in the lumbar area, this makes many tend to complain of terrible back pain, especially when waking up.

The ideal position for sleep is the one in which we are face up. The reason for this is that the spine is much more aligned than when we sleep on our stomach. Of course, posture alone is not enough to achieve a restful sleep; it is there where it becomes a priority to have the right bed, pillow and mattress.

Regarding the mattress, it must respect the natural curvature of the spine to allow us to sleep aligned; in addition to having good firmness, elasticity and size. As for the pillow; the ideal is to opt for a thin and flexible that gives us the ability to sleep comfortably face up and change position whenever we need it.

Something important to keep in mind when looking for a suitable bed is that you should look for a model whose size adapts to our weight and height. The twin beds They have a design that adapts well to the body of a person, facilitating the required rest. Their different designs they allow these to be more than just a place to sleep; they give you a solid structure and above all very comfortable to rest.

1. Twin bed wooden for $ 115

A bed made of a wooden construction strong and smooth. Its modern design includes an open slatted headboard, footboard, side rails and sturdy legs. It is available in black and white.

Wood is totally customized; so bed can be painted in any color you choose to match the rest of the decor in the room.

2. Twin bed white metal for $ 75

his steel body gives it greater durability and stability, thus achieving that the bed can be used for many years. The bed is equipped with a headboard, base and the ability to accommodate a standard double-size mattress.

The free space It has at the bottom, gives you the opportunity to comfortably store clothes, shoes and your most precious items. On the other hand, its design gives it a casual style that will perfectly match any type of decoration.

3. Twin bed with neutral upholstery for $ 107

This twin bed with frame padded woodIt is covered by a polyester fabric that is very soft to the touch. It is a piece of furniture that is very easy to assemble.

The light beige tone of its upholstery, perfectly adapts to any decoration style you have chosen. Also, its header is comfortable to recharge, so it leaves you in a very comfortable position to read or check your cell ph

4. Upholstered twin bed with padded headboard for $ 88

A surface soft to the touch and a synthetic material upholstery make this twin bed with a wide headboard and reinforced frame, a very distinguished piece of furniture. It can be hand washed in cold water when it becomes dirty or stained; as long as the instructions are followed.

Its padded headboard gives you a comfortable backrest where you can eat, read, study, surf the internet or work; keeping the most suitable position for your back. On the other hand, its elegant design will allow you to combine it with a wide variety of styles.

5. Wooden twin bed without spring box for $ 112

The twin bed features a Solid wood which is reinforced with wooden slats; This adds strength to the weight of latex or spring foam mattresses. It is easy to assemble and is available in a dark brown color.

Its foam padded tape is perfect to reduce the noise, while the non-slip tape on the wooden slats is designed to prevent the mattress from moving during the night.