Many people prefer to make large purchases of food and meat, so they don’t have to go to the supermarket as often. The problem with this is that sometimes the food spend too much time in the fridge before eating it and start deteriorate. A practical and effective solution for this are the vacuum sealerswith which you can extend the duration much more of your food at home and so save money and time in the market.

1. FoodSaver: $ 80.96 Certified Vacuum Sealer

It consists of a removable drip tray Patented and uniquely designed, which collects any excess liquid and debris that may result from vacuum sealing. Its use helps you keep counters clean and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Your meals can last up to 3 years, and they will still taste as fresh as the day you sealed them. Its use allows you to better organize your meals in case you do not have much time to cook, they are also very advantageous if you plan large family meals at home.

2. SEAL-A-MEAL: Compact Vacuum Sealer for $ 34.84

The vacuum sealer removes all air of the specially designed bags, then uses heat to create a secure seal.

Protect your food from the harmful effects of air, causing burns in the freezer and its subsequent deterioration. You can use it to seal fresh fruits, vegetables, cuts of meat, fish, and more.

3. GERYON– Multi-bag compatible sealer for $ 35.99

This vacuum sealer contains heat seals of multi-layer material to keep the air away and avoid freeze burns, reducing the waste of your food.

Fits multiple bags Vacuum sealed from both Geryon and other brands up to 12 ”wide and textured on the sides. Its compact size and lightweight design allow easy storage and movement. Preserves food five times longer than zipper bags.

4. GERYON: Vacuum sealer with kit included for $ 45.99

The compact design vacuum sealer features LED indicator lights and it is easy to clean. Your kit includes 1 air suction hose, 5 7.8 ″ x 11.8 ″ heat seal bags, 1 roll of 7.8 ″ x 78 ″, 1 user manual, 1 vacuum sealer, manufacturer warranty and lifetime support.

He offers you two sealing modes, And that means sealing dry and wet foods, which gives you more variety. On the other hand, its design allows you to remove the top cover to clean the sealing machine easily and safely.

5. AAOBOSI: Vacuum sealer with multiple modes for $ 52.29

This sealant damp proof can keep food fresh for up to 8 times longer than zipper bags. It also prevents freezer burns, reduces spills and food waste. Comes with BPA free bag roll for food and kitchen.

He offers you two vacuum modes: normal and smooth. Wet and dry, multi-purpose, LED indicator lights, excellent suction technology, and an extended 30cm heating bar that makes vacuum and sealing more efficient.

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