In the world of perfumes, brand and recognition is always an important factor that must be taken into account when deciding which one we want to use. The great fashion houses always captivate us with delicious and sophisticated fragrances that we all would like to have, but most of the time the biggest impediment is the price. Thinking about this, and to offer you the best products within your pocket, here we show you some of the best perfumes of the brand Versace that you can find in Amazon by less than $ 60.

1. Versace: Bright crystal

It is a long-lasting essence made mainly with odors of flowers and musk they give a deep and delicious aroma.

A beautiful detail with the sophisticated and exclusive touch of one of the most renowned Italian fashion houses. It is ideal to use both day and night, and leave a strong trail of your scent.

2. Crystal Noir with floral scent

A perfume with olfactory notes that come from floral essences such as gardenia, sandalwood and amber. It is a special luxury fragrance to use in night outings.

Ginger, bell pepper and cardamom are contrasted with sweeter aromas such as African orange, gardenia, peony and coconut to create a elegant and seductive combination in this perfume.

3. Eros with Sicilian bergamot

In an attractive bottle of Golden colour Decorated with the characteristic design of the Italian house, this perfume has notes of scent of lemon, Sicilian bergamot, peony petals and sandalwood.

A combination of subtle and sweet smells that are the proper representation of femininity and independence that characterizes modern women. You will be the center of attention of any meeting, thanks to this irresistible and sophisticated perfume.

4. Eros for gentlemen

Limited edition fragrance for men, available with an exclusive design that has the pattern inspired by elements of Greek mythology which is so characteristic of Versace.

Made with Mediterranean essences such as green apple and lemon They are completed with hints of vanilla and cedar to give it a more characteristic aroma. The perfect gift for the man who enjoys quality luxuries and perfumes.

5. Eau Fraiche with sea essences

A perfume for men with sweet notes that evoke the sea ​​waters. It is a limited edition fragrance that is perfect for elegant men, but that maintains a relaxed touch in their personality.

It has vibrant notes of the Mediterranean that combine fruit essences with woody, which becomes a captivating and very special fragrance.