The Pocket Watch it is an accessory of yesteryear that set the trend in those elegant gentlemen of jacket and hat of the time; but despite the passage of time, it is still in constant use in the modern world. And it is not strange to see them at dinners or business meetings, since their wearer says a lot for their elegant symbols and the chain that connects it to the pocket. So if you are looking for inspiration to find one of these pieces without spending a lot of money, here we present you the best 5 options vintage style what can you find for less than $ 30.

1. Clock with classic engraving

It is a Roman numerals pocket watch that has a gold construction with 1.8 inch case and detachable 15 inch chain, which is enough to secure it to your pocket. It comes with a beautiful gift box.

This accessory works with an exclusive quartz movement that combines with a black background and a classic engraving on the front cover that It will make you feel like you were in another era.

2. Pocket watch with arabic dial

This piece has a box with a diameter of 5 cm, a chain of length 37 cm and a weight of 67gr. This pocket watch has a mechanism that works with precise quartz movement and with dial in arabic numbers.

It is a vintage design It comes with beautiful details on its inner cover and mixes with a smooth surface, plus the outer cover can be opened by pressing the crown. Without a doubt, it is a suitable piece for a formal or casual outfit.

3. Clock with transparent sphere

This dual case watch works by precise mechanical movement that does not require a battery. It has an exclusive internal skeleton design, with a dial in Roman numerals and luminous pointers.

This classic accessory is a commemorative work of art that comes with an exquisite 45mm frame and a removable 380mm alloy chain. There is no doubt that it is the ideal piece if you are looking to give your style an air elegant, powerful and sophisticated.

Pocket Watch double cap

It is a hollow case pocket watch engraved in gold, black Roman numerals and a removable gold chain. It has a double cap mechanical dial built with acrylic for added security.

Best of all, it has a skeleton dial that adds unique style and a manual winding that doesn’t need a battery. In addition, it is an accessory elegant, fashionable and vintage It fits for both informal and formal settings alike.

5. Clock stainless steel

This pocket watch constructed from robust stainless steel alloy comes with a 5cm case and a 37cm chain. It works with a precise quartz mechanism, with roman numerals scale and with a front plate that opens.

It is a classic fashion accessory that you can attach to your shirt or pants to give your look an air retro and elegant. Without forgetting, it can also be an excellent choice for a gift or for a personal collection.