An indispensable product for the winter season.

Vitamin C It is essential for human beings at different stages of life, since it is mainly needed in growth where tissues are forming throughout the organism, reason why its presence is important to form the protein that produces the skin, the ligaments, tendons and blood vessels.

So vitamin C is required from the beginning of life itself. It also helps heal wounds caused by falls, bumps, scratches or accidents, acting immediately on the skin forming what we know as the scar tissue that protects the layers of the dermis of infections and regenerates it having a new and healthy

Also known as ascorbic acid, it brings many benefits to the functions of the human body. One of them is to absorb iron and other vital nutrients in the body. In addition, it is one of those that helps prevent those annoying colds that incapacitate us on many occasions, preventing the normal development of our daily activities. For this reason, prevention plays a key factor, so it is always recommended to ingest vitamin C in any presentation. To help you in that choice, we suggest five of the best products with this formula so that you even relieve that cold.

1. Tablets effervescent 10 units

A fun complement since they are totally effervescent tablets that will make when trying them cause an explosion of lemon and orange flavors in your mouth. This presentation comes in a colorful cardboard box that reminds you of how energized you will be with the vitamin C refill that you will get by ingesting these ten tablets that you can immerse in a glass of water and enjoy your foamy drink. It has high levels of antioxidants due to its mixture of vitamins A, C and E, in addition to containing sources of zinc, selenium and manganese, with a combination of patented herbs such as echinacea and ginger.

These capsules are super healthy and provide many benefits to your body, it is even ideal for people who do not consume gluten since it does not contain any of it. Support your immune system and give it that extra load of vitamin C that it requires so that you start to feel a lot better and so forget about colds. They are 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs, which will serve adults and children 14 years and older. Simply drop 1 tablet into a glass of water allowing it to dissolve and take. You can repeat the process every 3 or 4 hours.

2. Natural formula for relieve snifflex colds

This totally natural formula has been created with the best ingredients so you can include it in your daily vitamin supplements for your body and thus avoid diseases such as colds. It has been created by pediatricians for children from 6 to 12 years old. It is a natural way to relieve the symptoms of the cold or allergies generated by the environment, without causing side effects.

It is loaded with reinforcements for the immune system such as Quercetin, which helps stabilize the cells, thus giving an anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine effect. He also owns Nacetil, acting as a body antioxidant. Bring strong elderberry that relieves nasal congestion and has anti-viral properties. And the protagonist, Vitamin C so that it acts as the natural anti histamine.

3. Nano Rush anti-cold with vitamin C and Zinc

This anti colds spray has been created to provide you with Vitamin C and Zinc so that you can have all the necessary energy for your body. They are 100% natural ingredients that do not release artificial flavors or preservatives and has recommended manufacturing practices. This spray is instant absorption and is not difficult to swallow.

With this spray method it is easier to absorb. It is ideal to include in cold treatments and when we feel the worst, it acts immediately, due to its formula of vitamin C and zinc It uses supplement technology that go straight into the bloodstream. Boosting the immune system with vitamin C and zinc is vital for good health.

4. Herbs tea with Vitamin C

This herb tea is an excellent option to drink when we feel the discomfort of a cold. This boosts the immune system And it can be included as one of your daily drinks that you can drink three to five times a day to start feeling healthier and prevent future colds.

This tea has ingredients such as quinceacea, ginseng and a strong load of vitamin C. If you want you can take it cold or hot, this last option is recommended, especially when you have sore throats so that you can relieve that area quickly and you can relish your favorite foods whenever you want, without pain. Its packaging is a bag that will be very easy to open to take a teaspoon It will dissolve in hot or cold water depending on your preference. Remember that you can not only take it with a cold, you can drink it regularly and thus be in prevention mode, avoiding future discomforts in your body.

5. Zicam: Quickly dissolving vitamin C

With a total of 25 tablets, this Zicam product is ideal for you to include when you feel bad about a cold. Comes in a white plastic lid container that easily unscrews so you can access the full load of vitamin C that you will find in it and thus forget about colds.

Reduces the severity and duration of cold symptoms. These pills dissolve easily and very quickly, you just have to put them in a glass of water and wait for it to dissolve all or if you want, place it directly in your mouth and enjoy it like a caramel that dissolves little by little. Receive your extra dose of vitamin C and feel healthy and free of any flu symptoms so you can live your days to the fullest.