A strong and durable accessory, at the best price.

Surely you are one of those who go to beach or take a shower You’ve overlooked the watch, and it turns out it’s not waterproof. You lose money and you will be disoriented, and the lack of punctuality will be a problem. You can leave all that behind with watches that, in addition to teaching you, will take a weight off you. Look at the following options waterproof sports watches and don’t worry if you forgot to take it off when entering the shower.

1. Casio watch analog-digital White color

This is a white color watch from the well-known Casio brand, fully waterproof up to about 100 meters deep, it has screen and light LEDas well as reflective markers. It has time indicators, a timer and an integrated stopwatch. It also has a rechargeable battery powered by solar energy and the movement is quartz.

This watch presents the time in English, Spanish and other languages ​​through its simple settings. It is very comfortable and casual, you can use it for your free evenings or you can even wear it in the most extreme places while practicing your exercise routines.

2. Multifunction watch military style

It is a waterproof multi-function watch with a camouflaged or military design, stamped on both the strap and the accessory head. Has lamp functions, stopwatch and calendar. It also works as an alarm clock and is waterproof.

This style watch military-sports you can use it on any occasion that you consider casual and informal enough. Its manufacture is also in accordance with lighting, fashion and security needs.

3. Casio sports watch from black color

It is a high quality Casio classic sports watch with multifunction and integrated alarm clockas well as stopwatch and flash alert. This watch resists water up to about 660 feet deep.

With this sports watch you will always keep in mind that classic style that does not go out of style, thanks to its distinctive black color and wide vision.

4. Dive watch sports analog

This watch is special for diving, has a rotating bezel and bright hours, and has a capacity to resist water up to 330 feet deep. It is black and integrates several indicators.

This watch despite having a very casual style it can also be distinguished with elegance from the crowd as its fine manufacturing demonstrates the quality of the product at a glance.

5. Digital watch for man CakCity

This digital LED watch that integrates alarm, stopwatch and is black, has a highly structured shock resistant and into the water up to about 328 feet deep. It also has a standard case and a transparent resin mirror, and the strap is made of polyurethane.

With this watch you can illuminate a considerable distance around you and clearly you can distinguish indicators. This watch can be the perfect gift for a friend, father, brother and other special person, as it is ideal for today’s man, casual with a touch of class and contemporary elegance.