A modern and comfortable alternative to traditional wedding rings.

The ring or wedding band it is the symbol that has traditionally marked commitment and it is a way to seal the marital union. It is used in most cultures and countries, but certainly not everyone is comfortable with the idea of ​​wearing a precious metal ring every day. In case you do not like jewelry and you are about to get married, a good alternative is silicone ringswhich are an option comfortable, resistant and very economical for traditional alliances.

1. Silicone Ring with metallic finish

It is made with premium materialHypoallergenic, medical grade silicone to protect your skin. The approximate width of this wedding ring is 6mm and the thickness 1.8mm.

Gives you style and comfort. It is a wedding band with a classic golden t It is the perfect way to maintain tradition without compromising your comfort.

2. Wedding Ring of Double Silicone Band

Designed with a beautiful appearance Made of metal, it is made of strong and durable silic It is affordable and of excellent quality so that you feel comfortable.

Special to be used by gentlemen, it is a very practical way and a versatile choice to choose as wedding rings. It can also be combined with any garment in your wardrobe.

3. Pair of Alliances of sylicon


These beautiful wedding rings have a design light and thin so you barely know you’re wearing them. They have the typical dimension of all 5.5mm wide wedding bands.

With a classic design in a modern interpretation, these white wedding rings have small pearly bright details that give it a delicate and striking touch.

4. Wedding Ring with pearl design


This original wedding band is made of hypoallergenic silicone, heat-resistant100% medical and extraordinarily flexible, high quality, durable and very comfortable.

Celebrate your marriage with this wonderful and elegant silicone rubber wedding bands pattern, which are breathable and flexible enough so that you can carry out your daily activities without problems.

5. Wedding rings with engraved heart

It is designed with silicone medical degree Hypoallergenic, it measures approximately 2.5mm wide and 1.8mm thick. It does not affect or mistreat your skin, and it has a small heart engraved in the center.

The shape of this wedding band is elegant, feminine and with style, but resistant enough to always carry it with you no matter what activity you do or the clothing you wear.