Help your cat to channel and release all his energy with these fun games.

There are people who prefer dogs, and there are others who prefer cats. Whatever your preference, the pets They are members of our family, and therefore we always care about giving them the best attention and care. If you are the owner of a small feline, you know how important it is to give him a great offer of games and activity centers where they can drain their energy and practice their hunting skills and instincts. That is why here we show you the best games for your cat that you can have at home without spending a lot of money:

1. Hipipet: Shiny 21-Piece Combo

This cat toy combo features 21 pieces of bright colors among which are fish, feathers, fluffy mouse, tunnel, wand and ball bells, which are made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly material. Its price is $ 15.99.

It is an excellent option for your cat to pass hours having fun, exercising and stimulating hunting instincts. You can also play with them to promote the bond between pet and owner.

2. Petstages: Three tier tower with balls

It is a roll with three balls that is built with material of durable plastic that supports scratches and teeth of your cat. The top is closed and features a base with non-slip pads to keep the tower in place. You can get it at a price of $ 9.59.

It is a tower of three levels of tracks with a brightly colored ball in each one that allows your pet to keep busy and develop its hunting instinct. It also works so that more than one cat plays at a time.

3. Jiaron: Fishing rods

This wand set is made of sturdy carbon fiber with a non-slip foam handle. They have a retractable design It extends from 15 to 38 inches for easy storage. Includes ten refills of colors made of ecological and safe material for your pets. Its price is $ 9.58.

It is an interactive toy that can generate company and trust between the cat and you, while helping it to keep active and stimulate your senses as you jump, spin, roll, or chase your prey.

4. Catit: Cat digger

It is a cat digger that has three long and two short tubes for you to change the levels of difficulty. Each of the pieces can be easily disassembled to facilitate cleaning and features a stable base and sloping surface to catch spills. You can get it for $ 14.99.

It is a smart toy that helps stimulate the natural behavior of the cat, since it works as a slow feed option. You can use them with treats or croquettes to work to get your food while having fun.

5. Ballmie: Wool Ball Set

Set of five balls consisting of a soft felt filling covered in a hard plastic to protect the internal bell. Each package contains a tablespoon of cat grass for you to enjoy the smell and release the pressure.

It is a product made from a safe material And thanks to its size of approximately 4 centimeters, regardless of the size of your cat, you can have fun without problem whenever you want.

6. Prosper Pet: 3-way tunnel

Three spacious tunnels made with a steel frame and protection springs to prevent it from collapsing. They come with a scratch-resistant polyester lining that is easy to wash. It has an elastic band provided so you can fold it and store it.

Each is 10 inches tall by 17 inches deep with a total of over 50 inches, so your pet will have enough room to roam, hide, or jump. It also incorporates a peephole in the central area and a built-in toy bell so that your cat has different ways to have fun.