A device that will lead you to a healthier life.

We live in a hectic time that can make us neglect some aspects of our Health general. Having a medical check-up from time to time is a fundamental task to be aware of our physical condition and to know what changes we need to make within our habits. Be aware of the levels of glucose in the blood it is now easier, thanks to devices like the ones we will show next.

1. Equipment for testing diabetes

A practical game to measure blood glucose. It consists of 100 strips of diagnosis, as well as another series of elements that allow you to do a quick and safe test yourself. Each strip is programmed to give accurate results in just five seconds.

With this product you can have immediate results on the level of glucose in your blood, all thanks to its strips and hygienic covers that allow you to have a safe and effective, fast and reliable diagnosis by yourself.

2. Device high technology

It is a device to measure the level of glucose in the blood that is made up of 50 test strips and 60 lancets. It has a long-lasting battery, a auto power off and a memory that allows storing the date and time of its use.

This is a high precision device that will provide you trust and efficiency in a short time. The device allows you to be aware of your blood glucose level at the time you want.

3. System measurement glucose

It is a glucose control kit that includes test strips, lancets and a portable meter delivering accurate results in just a matter of seconds. Its design is very practical and durable so you can have it for a long time.

It is a very practical and flexible to know the level of glucose in the blood. This meter kit includes a user manual and a registration manual so you can keep track of how efficient the changes you have made to improve your health are.

4. Precision meter and outline

A game that determines glucose levels in the blood. Includes a contour precision device, straps, lancets, and a carrying case so you can keep all your tools safe if you want to take them with you on the go travel.

This test kit will make your life easier as it will give you a complete analysis of your glucose levels. If you are a diabetic patient with this game you can have accurate and fast results in a safe and reliable.

5. Monitoring equipment and blood ketone

It is a kit with the essential tools to carry out ketogenic or diabetic tests by yourself and in a short time. It has a hygienic strip ejector with programmed alarms that remember when to check again. The device has a LCD screen feedback.

With this kit you can practice a professional glucose test in a simple way, fast and safe from the comfort of your home or work. You can take this test set with you and have the security that its programmed alarms will indicate when it is time for your next checkup.

6. Design kit compact

A compact and lightweight glucose measuring kit that you can transport anywhere. It is designed to deliver results in less than 10 seconds and it also has a registration memory that allows you to verify your records in chronological order.

With this product you will be able to carry out a rigorous and precise control of glucose in your blood. Its compact size allows you to take it anywhere and is made of materials that make it very safe and hygienic.