Enjoy the best drones at the best price.

The mini drones They are a derivation of conventional drones with which you can play, perform competitions and perform stunts of all kinds. One of its biggest advantages is its compact size, light weight and excellent price; that is why here we show you 5 of the best mini drones to remote control what can you get in Amazon under $ 50.

1. Holy stone: 4-channel drone

The helicopter Drone Holy Stone HS170 4 channel quadcopter is a very good choice for drone training. It has a simple security system and adopted 2.4 GHz technology to avoid interference. In addition to a 6-axis gyroscope system.

It has a wind performance between 30 to 50 meters and a tTime of flight between 6 to 8 minutes. Its charging time is between 60 and 80 minutes.

2. Potensic drone: Drone for beginners

The Potensic drone With remote control it is very easy to control and fly for beginners and amateurs. Ideal for children. It has a height maintenance function that will make the drone stay stable when you release the acceleration lever. Takeoff and landing is done at the push of a button.

The packaging comes with a transmitter, a USB charging cable and a user manual. his compact size It makes it ideal to take it anywhere and make incredible flights outdoors.

3. DROCON: Foldable Drone

The DROCON Mini RC Drone it is ideal for children. Portable and quadruple with altitude hold mode, a take-off and landing key, easy to fly for beginners.

Allows adjustment of 3 speeds: low, medium or high; which makes it a drone for all users, be it beginner, intermediate or expert.

4. Vandora: Drone with LED lights

The Vandora drone it is ideal for beginners. It has an altitude hold function and remote control with which you can perform 360-degree turns and maneuvers.

Equipped with the latest Gyro flight control systems from 6 axisSmall and portable, they provide a safer, better-use experience. It has LED lights.

5. SNAPTAIN: 3 speed mini drone

The Drone SNAPTAIN With integrated positioning system, you can automatically locate the remote control. Just by pressing the return button, the drone will fly to the user’s location with a rotation of up to 360º.

Has three different types of speeds depending on the level of your pilot. It also has a built-in LED light bulb for use at night.

6. Drone Quadcopter: Drone LED

It is designed with vibrant LEDs that can be witnessed during night flights. Ideal for performing stunts in the dark, it has 4 axes of rotation and rotates up to 360º.

It is fast, compact and accurate. Ideal for children and beginners. It has a long flight time and has an easy handling system.