As every year the weather changes and what we have in our closet must change too. For late winter and early spring, more often comes rain and wind, indicating that we must prepare.

We must use clothing and suitable footwear in order to stay dry and above all not get sick. But remember … without losing style! Check out these boots below perfect to wear when it rains a lot. Click on each image to see the details and prices of each

1. Boots with rubber soles – Asgard:

They come in 7 colors to choose from. It is the TOP 1 best seller in Amazon within its category.

2. Waterproof boots Joinfree:

They come in 9 colors and designs to choose from.

3. Tooth Platform Boots Bearpaw:

They come in 8 different colors to choose from.

4. Anti-slip boots SOREL:

They come in 10 color combinations to choose from.

5. Boots Combat Style:

They come in 3 colors to choose from.

6. High boots NORTY:

It comes in 20 colors and designs to choose from.