The girdles molding machines They come in a wide variety of designs that reaffirm any part of the body that you want to enhance, such as the hip, bust or abdomen. There are also exclusive designs for those looking to shape the thighs and thus eliminate cellulite and unflattering marks on your skin. As well as the options that we show you below that are specially designed for your thighs, and that allow you to wear a slim and slender figure in just seconds.

1. Full body girdle with long pants

It is a girdle made of polyamide and elastane, two materials that combined with its seamless design and light cut, result in a discreet and imperceptible garment under clothing that does not irritate the skin.

This design works to flatten the abdomen, improve posture, lift the buttocks and shape the thighs. Likewise, its design of understanding does not generate discomfort and guarantees you freedom of movement.

2. Double layers of elastic

This girdle has a double layer made of elastic fabric and with triple sessions on the front that favor curves. This combined with silicone on the inside, ensure that every part of your body stays in place.

Likewise, its thin and light materials provide comfort and benefits to help you in the process of firming your belly, shaping your legs, reducing your waist and lifting your buttocks.

3. Shaping garment with reinforced waist

This ready made with high quality materials such as nylon, cotton and elastane that manage to provide a light design and with greater reinforcement at the waist. It comes with light panels on the inside that help the weight loss process.

It is also useful to soften your abdomen, define your glutes and shape your thighs without generating any discomfort. And best of all, it doesn’t have seams to allow a smooth look under your clothes.

4. High waist with microfiber

It is a girdle made of elastic microfiber that molds the most problematic areas of your body. It is made with a combination of nylon, lycra and cotton that provide a better fit in the area of ​​the thighs and abdomen.

It is a comfortable design that defines your thighs without much effort, just like it molds your belly and waist. You will feel slim and slender when using it under any outfit of your preference.

5. Shaping girdle high waist

Shaper girdle with high waist made of nylon, elastane and lycra material that are breathable and antibacterial. They also have a multi-layer tummy control for better fit in the area.

It is a seamless design that is ideal to wear under any garment without being marked. Like it reaffirms areas of the body such as the belly, thighs and hips.

6. Shaping part Withouth stitches

This girdle is made of cotton, nylon and spandex, soft-touch materials that favor the contour of your curves. Also comes with integrated panties and a reinforcement that helps control friction.

The function of this design is to mold the thighs, flatten the tummy and enhance your glutes. Best of all, it’s breathable, so you can wear it all day without discomfort or irritation.