A product that will help you stay well hydrated at all times.

It is always good to have a water bottle, apart from that we never know when we are going to need it, not always the Water They sell on the street have the flavor that we are used to, as we do not know how pure it is. A good way to guarantee the purity of our water is through a bottle vacuum insulated like the ones we present below:

Ripple– Easy-to-use water bottle with cap for $ 17.99

The 17 oz water bottle uses an inner lining of stainless steel 8/18 gauge and an exterior rubber coating that prevents sweating and rust. Available in various colors.

It has an elegant and modern shape with a easy to use cap. It will keep your drinks cold or hot for up to 24 hours, thanks to its double wall and vacuum sealed. Fits in cup holders, backpacks and more. Perfect for your workouts and sports activities.

GiNT: water bottle with safety lock for $ 14.98

With a polished and rust-free steel surface, its non-stick interior It is made of durable food grade 304 stainless steel and BPA – Free, easy to clean plastic. It is lightweight and compact in design. Its capacity is 350 ml. Available in other colors.

It gives you a wide mouth that allows to accommodate cubes full-size ice; In addition, its safety lock prevents the lid from opening accidentally. It will keep your drinks hot or cold for around 12-24 hours, thanks to its vacuum stainless steel insulation and tight, flip-top lid design.

3. Simple Modern: water bottle with additional cap for $ 13

The water bottle features a wide mouth Vacuum Insulated 18/8 with Stainless Steel Powder Coated.

The best thing is that it brings two different tapas– A stainless steel lid and a splashproof lid for hot drinks.

MIRA Brands: $ 16.95 Leak Proof Water Bottle

From stainless steel Food grade 18/8 and 17oz capacity, the double wall vacuum insulated water bottle comes in various colors.

Gives you 24 hours cold and 12 hours hot, a sweat-free exterior and a modern style. Perfect for your excursions, training sessions or sports activities. It is ideal for children and adults, it can also fit in most cup holders.

5. Coleman: bottle of water for cold drinks for $ 14.10

The water bottle has been built in stainless steel 18/8 double wall vacuum insulated. It also has a protective food grade silicone mouthpiece cover that keeps dirt and germs out of it. It is available in other colors.

It keeps your cold drinks for up to 50 hours. It also provides you with an automatic leak-proof extraction cap and a pop-up straw that can be removed for easy and complete cleaning.

6. MIRA Brands: non-sweat water bottle for $ 16.95

Vacuum insulated from double wall and a stainless steel construction, the water bottle has a capacity of 17 oz. They do not contain BPA or sulfates. Available in various colors.

Since he doesn’t sweat, will not wet your backpack or bag while transporting it. It will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.