Special gift options that will touch your heart

When giving that special woman a gift in the Mother’s day, it is always important to take into account your tastes and preferences so that we can give you a gift that you not only like, but that is also useful, and very special. The religious people they always seek to be on the side of faith and enjoy the time of prayer and reflection, that is why giving them a religious gift is always a good option. Check out these Mother’s Day gift options for religious moms.

1. Painting on canvas of the Last Supper:

Last Supper Box stretched and framed on canvas. Each panel has a black hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging. Its dimensions are: 50 “W x 24” H.

High quality religious image and perfect definition to hang in any space of your choice, be it at home, office or church. An image of faith that brings you harmony in the house.

2. Multicolor rosary Nazareth:

This beautiful rosary in necklace 43cm long it has beautiful silver glass basins and colorful zirconia pieces, which give the piece a more handmade and elegant finish. This rosary is a piece imported from Jerusalem that has a 4cm metal crucifix.

This impeccably finished rosary is a wonderful gift for birthdays, confirmation, first communion or baptism. The design is beautiful and very colorful, which makes this pendant a piece that transmits a lot of joy.

3. THE BIBLE Latin American:

The Latin American Bible It is a Catholic bible in the Spanish language, with more than 70 million sold around the world. The Latin American Bible, pastoral edition, is especially indicated for Latin America, with presentation and comments by Bernardo Hurault. Contains indexes, parallel passages, and comments.

The Latin American Bible is translated from full texts of the Hebrew and the Greek, presented and commented for the Christian communities of Latin America and for those who seek God. Reviewed in 2005 and Printed in Spain by the International Catholic Biblical Society (SOBICAN), San Pablo publishers and Editorial Verbo Divino, this edition of LETRA GRANDE and hardcover, is offered in blue, red and green.

4. Bracelet with message “With God all things are possible”:

Bracelet with message of peace and motivation to wear daily. The message is engraved “With God all things are possible.”

5. Cross shaped chest Fashioncraft:

East cross chest from the Heavenly Favors Collection is ideal to place on dressers or bedside tables in the room. It measures 3 “x 3” x 1 “and is made of a tough polyethylene resin in a silver / pewter finish.

Designed in the shape of a cross, it has a solid filigree base with a removable cover that has a detailed cross, and a variety of beaded reinforcements for a bright touch. It comes in a silver satin-finish box tied with a white satin bow and an angel-themed “For You” label.

6. AGAPASS – Bag to go to church:

100% polyester bag made of thick, smooth felt, with a soft texture and durable. This bag can be used perfectly for church, work and anywhere you want. On the front it has a cross design and a religious message.

7. Book “Twelve extraordinary women: How God formed the women of the Bible and what He wants to do with you”:

They were ordinary, common people and in some cases of low caste, but despite that each one of them became an extraordinary person after a transforming encounter with God.

Readers of this book in spanishThey will be challenged and motivated by Twelve Extraordinary Women, a moving and personal account of the lives of some of the most faithful women in the Bible. Their struggles and temptations are the same tests that all believers of all ages face.

In this book, best-selling author and Bible teacher John MacArthur demonstrates that the God with whom these women were so faithfully committed is the same God who continues to shape and use ordinary people today. Study with the best-selling author, John MacArthur, the lives and faiths of leading women in the Old and New Testaments. Written in the same style used in the book Twelve Ordinary Men, each chapter includes a biographical summary of each woman and the spiritual lesson from her life.