Change your look in seconds and sport a lush and healthy mane.

We women like changes. We like to have the freedom to try a look or different style every day and to be able to stand out and renew ourselves at all times. One of the most direct ways to greatly change our appearance is with our hair, but sometimes we are afraid of damaging it with the dyes or cutting it too much. So in order to experience as much as you want, here are some options for wigs under $ 40 what can you get in Amazon:

1. Synthetic wig with bangs pink colour

This wig has been made with soft and adjustable straps They adapt to all kinds of head sizes and measures approximately 21 inches in circumference. It is made with synthetic fiber and they come off easily when you decide to remove it.

With a current style with bangsThis wig can be trimmed to give you the hairstyle you want to suit your needs. It comes in pink.

2. Long wig with discolored tips

With dark roots and light ends, this wig has a natural look and is heat resistant. It comes with clips on each side of the sturdy ear that secures the wig all day. It is made of the best and most realistic synthetic fibers.

With a curly style and black roots with the rest blonde, this wig will give you a modern and sophisticated look. It is long and its adjustable straps adapt to all types of head which will give you more comfort.

3. Medium length wig with curly wave

This wig is synthetic with heat resistant fibers high quality. They do not come off easily, they do not tangle or harbor odors. It is soft and fits well on your head. Of a gray color with brown roots.

This wig model is cut by hand and is perfect for everyday use or to use it on a special occasion.

4. Wavy wig with natural looking roots

East wig model It has been created with high quality short wavy hair lace. It is heat resistant up to 160 degrees C °. The straps are adjustable and it comes with three combs.

It does not harm the skin and it stably resists the whole day of a full day. It is an option to look more beautiful and with a spectacular hair.

5. Extra long synthetic wig dark brown

This beautiful hair has been created with high quality material, it is synthetic and feels soft. Comes with two pieces of wig caps. It is heat resistant by up to 150 degrees and is dark brown in color.

With this extra long wig You can wear a beautiful mane wherever you go looking amazing, and the best thing is that you can combine her style in waves with any look you want.

6. Blonde wig with wavy tips

Heat resistant iron or hair dryerThis wig is for those who want a blonde look. This wig is no lace, just two adjustment straps to fit your head.

You can be a blonde girl when you want with this semi long model with beautiful waves that fall on your shoulders and will give you a very chic look.

7. Wavy wig with Californian tips

This beautiful wig has been created with japanese synthetic fibers high quality. It has an adjustable top through its straps. It looks natural and beautiful from any angle. It is comfortable to wear and suitable for most women.

This wig comes in two shades: black or light brown. It is 24 inches long which makes it look more beautiful and its texture is long wavy. Its elegant design and beautiful appearance give the wig a natural and very attractive look.