8 gifts for new mothers who will love.

Mother’s Day is a very special date and more for those new mothers. The first year is always important and will be remembered with much nostalgia. So for women, which is their first Mother’s Day, we seek innovative, fun gifts for mom and baby.

1. Watch the baby on an LED screen while in his crib

To be calm at all times, it is important to have a monitor. This one has angle customization, zoom and a sound activated LED display. Its battery can last 10 hours and 6 hours with the screen on. One of the best selling gifts and super useful.

2. Read a good book to create a creative mind from a young age

Without a doubt the book “Where the Wild Things Are” is one of the books for important, acclaimed and read by children and adults. Read a book, show the drawings, is to go into reading from a young age.

3. Letters for your baby, a book to remember with nostalgia his first year

Writing is one of the best ways to remember the dreams, goals, and accomplishments we long for. In this little book you can write everything you want for the new family member, from the first day he came homeWhat do you want me to know about you and other wishes? A tender and moving gift.

4. A bag to fit everything yours and your little one’s

This is a perfect backpack for new mothers, because it has 13 pockets, It has a diaper bag, so you can store creams, wipes, and paper without taking up space in the main backpack. It fits clothes, bottles and blankets because it is very spacious.

5. Album to remember the first haircut, the first bath …

Remembering a baby’s first moments is undoubtedly one of the best things. In this album you can put photos, a description, as well as place the footprints and hands. Details that you will love to fill with your partner.

6. Sleep well for more hours on your breaks

Because tiredness can come at any time this is a speaker that provides white noise sound. These sounds will help you sleep easily and that the dream is deeper. Perfect for first-time moms taking a break.

7. Take photo with a cute blanket of your baby every month

If you want to know how much your baby is going to grow, with this blanket you can take photos of him every month until he reaches the year. You can upload your photos to social networks with this nice blanket. It is made of fleece lining, making it soft for baby’s skin.

8. For those who forget to charge their cell phone

It is normal that with the arrival of the new baby, new mothers are forgetting the cell phone cable or have forgotten to charge the cell ph This mirror it’s an external battery so you can charge any device.