A huge screen in your living room!

Do you want to create a home theater to enjoy with your whole family? With one of these 50 ”smart TV models, you can enjoy all the content on streaming you want, on large and quality screens. Meet below 4 models of televisions highly valued in Amazon.

1. TCL with Roku TV

East TCL TV features Roku built-in and has a 4K quality display Ultra HD in 50 ”. In addition to being able to see all the content in streaming offered by Roku, this TV is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. This television has dimensions of 44.1 x 28 x 8 inches. The Roku system is characterized by having a simple remote control with few buttons that facilitates the use of the television.

With a price less than $ 280, for your current 42% discount this TCL TV is the most economical in the guide. It has a positive evaluation in Amazon, where customers mention that the screen quality is very good, and that it is a television very easy to configure. They mention that it is very good both for watching high-quality movies and for playing video games.

2. TCL 5-series with Roku TV

Also from the TCL brand, this 5 series television offers a 50 ”screen in quality Ultra HD 4K, with Dolby Vision HDR technology that guarantees the best possible image quality, and also makes it ideal for playing video games. This model has dimensions of 43.8 x 28 x10 inches, and also has Roku installed.

From series 5, this TCL TV is the newest model in the guide and it has a current discount of 42%, which leaves its price below $ 350. In addition to having all the Roku content, it is compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant. In Amazon, customers highlight image quality as well as ease of configuration from this model. In addition, they mention its good value for money and its versatility with Roku.

3. Toshiba with Fire TV

With the system of streaming from Amazon Fire TV installed, this Toshiba television offers a 50 ”screen and with a quality Ultra HD 4K, with Dolby Vision HDR technology. This TV stands out for its integration with Alexa and any other device smart from home, allowing you to easily control it. It has dimensions of 10.75 x 44.61 x 27.83 inches, and its remote control is very easy to use and includes a microphone to access Alexa.

This Toshiba TV has over 8,000 reviews in Amazon, which transforms it into the best-selling TV in the guide and also one of the cheapest, with a price less than $ 280 for your current discount. Customers mention that it is a high-quality television at a good price, in addition to having a Fire TV that allows you to enjoy the most popular applications, as well as Prime Video.

4. Samsung Smart tv

Of the Samsung brandThis television has internet to install all the content applications you want, but without the help of any external system like the other models. It has a 50 ”screen in Ultra HD 4K quality with a processor that allows you to have the best possible screen quality and dimensions of 10.3 x 44.3 x 28.7 inches. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, easy to connect to any smart device.

Is about one of the best rated models in the guide, with 4.2 stars in Amazon and it is a new television, a model of the series 7 of the year 2019. With a price less than $ 350, customers mention that this TV has great screen quality, but requires an account Samsung To make it work. It is compatible with the vast majority of content applications and it is very easy to use.