Unboxing Mi Note 10 Pro – Turns Like This is a Xiaomi Top-Class Smartphone

Xiaomi finally started to bring its top-class smartphone in Redmi Series. This time Xiaomi has released Mi Note 10 Pro in Redmi Series of smartphones.

Starting with the Mi 8 Lite, which was launched at the end of 2018, Xiaomi now brings a smartphone from its newest Mi line called the Mi Note 10 Pro. Bring the name Mi, Note, and Pro as well as in its name, this one product, of course, offers quite high specifications.

Curious? Let’s look together at unboxing Mi Note 10 Pro.

From the outside appearance of the box, I can say that the Mi Note 10 Pro is a high-end smartphone that has a cheap price. Compared to the Redmi box that feels like it’s made of cardboard, the Mi Note 10 Pro box is much thicker and sturdier.

Box Note 10 Pro

In addition to making materials, the design that was presented also looked more luxurious with silver-colored holographic accents that were more colorful to complement the monochrome box aesthetics.

Do not miss the sticker that reads “Official Xiaomi Guarantee” decorate the front view of this Mi Note 10 Pro box. Turning to the back, there is a variety of important information that is commonly found on a smartphone product.

From the information listed, the Mi Note 10 Pro that I opened is a Midnight Black color variant with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

At the same time, the Mi Note 10 Pro offers four superior features consisting of a 108MP camera with an 8P lens, Penta Camera for all photography scenarios, a 6.47-inch AMOLED screen with a 3D arch design, and a large capacity 5,260mAh battery.

Mi Note 10 Pro Screen

Xiaomi also provides additional information that says that this smartphone has a 10x hybrid zoom technology camera with OIS, a finger scan sensor inside the screen, and fast charging 30W.

When I opened the box, Mi Note 10 Pro immediately welcomed me with its cool appearance. It can be seen that the dimensions of this smartphone are large and wide enough to adjust the size of the screen it carries.

In accordance with what is written on the back of the box, the 3D curved screen of the Mi Note 10 Pro has left and right sides that are curved to the side. This design certainly makes it look like a luxury smartphone class Galaxy S series and HUAWEI Mate series, which has more extreme arches.

The screen of the Mi Note 10 Pro has bezels that are quite thin on all sides and a small notch as a front camera where the front camera resides. It is undeniable that the screen of this smartphone does look very broad.

Mi Note 10 Pro Camera

Turning to the back, there are five cameras that line down at the top left. Interestingly, only three cameras are inside one module housing, while the other two cameras are placed separately.

If you look closely, it can be seen that the two separate cameras are cameras with ultra-wide and macro lenses. But of course, the favorite of the smartphone photography segment is the 108MP camera above it.

No less interesting, Mi Note 10 Pro apparently has four flashlights next to the five cameras. Two lights appear to have an extra layer so that the light produced is softer, and the other two lights look like flashlights in general.

Thanks to the use of the finger scan sensor inside the screen, the back of the Mi Note 10 Pro is fairly clean because, in addition to the camera module and flash, there is only the Xiaomi logo. Plus, the glass texture that is presented makes this smartphone look simple and minimalist but still looks luxurious.

Completeness of Mi Note 10 Pro

Even so, there is one thing that will immediately be felt by anyone who holds it. Mi Note 10 Pro is a smartphone that is quite heavy but feels very solid and sturdy. It is due to the large battery and metal that surrounds the edges of the body.

This combination gives the impression that this smartphone has been made of high quality. You could say Xiaomi really pays attention to every detail that is owned by the Mi Note Note 10 Pro and does not take shortcuts to be able to give the best to its users.

Plus, Mi Note 10 Pro also supports USB-C, 3.5mm audio jack, IR Blaster, and two SIM cards. Through this smartphone, Xiaomi seems to be trying to bring their best smartphone that is versatile in meeting the needs of today’s increasingly varied.

In addition to a smartphone unit, Xiaomi also provides a soft case, charger, USB-C cable, and warranty card in the Mi Note 10 Pro sales package.

Curious, how about the ability? Wait for a complete review from the MyBestDeal team for the next Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro.

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