Surprise everyone with a detail made by yourself.

Chocolate is one of the quintessential gifts to give your loved ones on the day of Valentine’s Day. It is part of the main ingredients of countless desserts and main dishes; Although one of the traditional ways of presenting it is in chocolates, with shapes and designs that make it striking to the eye. So if you want to create your own chocolatesHere are some molds that will help you give it a more professional finish.

1. Trays of silicone to make homemade chocolates

A set of six molds to make chocolates with designs of hearts, stars, flowers and smiles. Each piece is made of flexible silicone and have a diameter of 8 by 4 inches.

These molds non-stick they allow you to create shapes with professional textures and finishes in a simple way and always keeping its structure. Ideal for you to put together a personalized Valentine gift box.

2. Set of 6 containers for desserts

A set with six chocolate molds made with silicone material safe for foods which at the same time is resistant to oven and freezer temperatures. Its dimensions are 8 by 4 inches and they have the capacity to make up to 15 chocolates per batch.

They have attractive flower, heart, star and circle designs for you to do different and creative chocolates. They are pieces with a long useful life that you can use to make a wide variety of desserts.

3. Trays non-stick for handmade chocolates

It is a set of three chocolate molds that are made with a construction strong and flexible silicone, a material suitable to withstand the temperatures of freezers, microwaves and traditional ovens.

They are non-stick bases with a classic design of spheres in different sizes that allow you to create a wide variety of toppings and designs to make each bonbon a true work of art.

4. Set of 4 molds for chocolates

A set of four chocolate molds made with silicone from alimentary grade, a durable and resistant material that can withstand temperatures between -40º F up to above 446º F. Each base has dimensions of 9 by 5 inches.

The set comes with two separate molds and two continuous molds, which are divided into 24 cavities, which are a good option for bake and refrigerate the chocolates before giving them to your loved ones.

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