Perfumes are an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day, but we are looking for perfume sets that have a cream that help to potentiate the smell for longer. These set of perfumes and creams, can be a special gift for your wife, partner, friend, cousin, your mother or mother-in-law.

They are set of perfumes and creams for less than $ 40. If you already have Amazon Prime The shipment will be in your hands very soon, if you still do not have it, take advantage of not paying shipping and taking advantage of other offers.

1. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds: 2 creams, a perfume and a mini perfume

This perfume has notes of lily, orange, musk, patchouli, lily, moss, sandalwood and cinnamon. What is a perfect perfume for romantic nights or long party. It is a perfume that lasts its aroma for several hours, with putting cream on the skin so that it lasts longer. It has a final price of $ 31 dollars.

2. Versace Yellow Diamond: body cream, shower gel and a perfume

A perfume with an aroma that stands out for having more citrus aromas, such as lemon, orange, pear, amber, musk and lily mainly. This aroma without a doubt to use the day and it has a refreshing power. It has a shower gel and a body cream with the same aromas. It has a final price of $ 45 dollars. Perfect to impress any woman.

3. Ellen Tracy: body cream, shower gel and perfume

Yes to the woman you are thinking of buying a gift this Valentine and you fall in love with the woody and floral aromasThis is a simple and beautiful option. It has notes of bergamot, olive, cinnamon, sandalwood, raspberry, green, peach, hyacinth, and ylang-ylang. A set of perfume and cream at $ 23 dollars.

Shakira Elixir: body cream and perfume

Shakira has a wide collection of perfumes, this is certainly an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day. It has notes of peach, peony, amber, white cedar and orange. It has a body cream, so your body is flooded in notes that penetrate the skin. It is a perfume to be used on sunny summer days. Final price of $ 35 dollars.

5. Kim Kardashian Gold: body cream, shower gel and a perfume

Yes, the woman who is thinking of a Valentine’s gift and loves Kardashians will undoubtedly be the best option. Is a fragrance with citrus notes mainly grapefruit, pink pepper, musk, amber, lemon, patchouli and with a touch of vanilla. A final price of $ 38 dollars. It also has a very elegant packaging, to show off on the nightstand.

6.Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe: body cream, shower gel and a perfume

The beautiful Puerto Rican Jennifer Lopez has this perfect set for a Valentine’s gift. This set has very fresh, durable and smooth notes. Peach, vanilla, amber, peach, lily is a scent to refresh any empowered woman for that important meeting. A set with a value of $ 29 dollars.

7. Vera Wang Princess: body mist and a perfume

For lovers and sweet women this gift on February 14 will be unique. It has a very sweet aroma some of its notes are wood, apricot, orange, ivy, lemon, and jasmine. It includes a body mist, perfect for getting out of the shower and a perfume to carry in your bag. Final price of $ 33 dollars.