A special gift with which you will always be right.

One of the dates where the friendship and the love couple is celebrated in a special way is in Valentine’s Day. This is an occasion where you certainly have the opportunity to demonstrate how important and special who is that person next to you. An excellent option when giving away is the jewelry; and thinking about this, we show you below the best options in jewelry for give your partner and best of all, to a excellent price.

1. Necklace Heart with letter

It’s about a beautiful necklace with a heart-shaped charm, with the initial engraved in the center. Crafted from 14 karat gold plated brass, this jewel makes it a durable choice.

As does not contain nickel or lead, does not discolor and is friendly to skin contact. A delicate and feminine jewel that your partner can wear every day, as a sign of love and commitment.

2. Earrings with Birthstone

These delicate stud earrings are designed with the birthstone, traditionally it is a symbol of faith, love and constancy in its attributes. Around the stone it has Swarovsky crystals.

Are the perfect accessory that can be used on any occasion, its elegance and shine make any style stand out. They come in an exquisite gift box, ready to surprise your special some

3. Necklace with Natural Crystals Healing


This chakra pendant necklace has been made entirely by hand, which makes it a unique piece. It is responsible for promoting beauty, health, good luck and healing.

An ideal choice, which thanks to its delicacy and originality can be used on any occasion. In addition to making your loved one look beautiful, this necklace purifies her energies.

4. Necklace Round Disc Multi-Layer


It is a fashionable necklace and it is made of alloy, it does not fade or cause skin allergies. Thus, it is a simple piece that has been designed in a layered style that can match all outfits.

The three layers make this jewel stand out so much for its beauty as for its versatility. A gift that undoubtedly makes your loved one happy and makes her look fabulous every time she uses it.

5. Bracelet stainless steel


A beautiful and delicate bracelet, which has been made with high quality stainless steel. It has some precious butterfly shaped beads, four leaf clover and a navy blue crystal.

his adjustable length It allows it to be used on any wrist size, also, its delicacy and originality make this garment an excellent option for day to day.