Surprise your partner with something they never forget!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to plan an intimate and unforgettable night with your partner. Although the ideal is that they do it more than once a year, anyway this night is magical for any couple. For all the people who are looking to innovate in sexual matters with their partner, here in this note we give you several ideas.

We will show you some of the best adult toys, both for men and women, with whom they can have fun and have a great time on Valentine’s Day; And every day.

Take a look at these options:

1. A thong (panty) of Candys:

East funny g-string Wearable Candy or thong, is a piece of edible underwear. It is designed with a colorful candy necklace and an elastic that allows it to adapt to the shape of your body.

This novel product is usually used in sexual games and is intended to awaken your partner’s senses such as taste, smell and touch. It also comes in men’s pieces.

Leather Whip Riding Crop with tickle feathers:

Leather whip to play as a couple. It is made up of sexual feathers to tickle. Its size is 17.7 ″ long, the leather slapper is 3.5 ″.

3. Wristbands and mask of eyes:

Set of adjustable leather wristbands and eye mask in velvet fabric. Leather wristbands are made of faux fur, are furry, and have a lock for resizing. It is a fun accessory that comes in several colors to choose from.

Dices that glow in the dark:

Dice that glow in the dark, with many fun combinations of words and positions to do with your partner. Includes 4 six-sided dice that indicate things like licking, blowing, touching, etc.

5. Mask on tape satin fabric:

In the style of “the 50 shades of Gray”. Satin eye mask soft to keep you or your partner blindfolded. It is made of soft satin material, and comfortable. It can also be used to tie the wrists since it does not hurt the skin.