Exclusive pieces of jewelry at a price you cannot miss.

The jewelry They are the best friends of women who like to project their essence and complement their outfit to look more elegant and sophisticated. Jewelry makes us feel more beautiful and secure, while helping to give a very special shine to our appearance. The problem with these accessories is that some can be very expensive, but there are very good quality alternatives and prices more accessible, such as those shown below:

1. Silver bracelet with precious stones

This fine and delicate jewel is surrounded by precious and shiny stones. This piece has been made with high quality materials that gives it great resistance to The hits.

Is very easy to install since its clasp allows it to adjust to your wrist with ease. It is a perfect accessory to use in the most special occasions such as marriage, weddings or baptisms.

2. Circular pendant with bright

This is a necklace made entirely of silver from law 925. It features a cubic zirconia gem as a centerpiece that is decorated with small shiny stones and a soft golden color.

Allow your gaze to become more intense and interesting. It is a necklace that you can use accompanied by small rings of the same t A piece of exclusive jewelry made with very good quality materials.

3. I said opal with Celtic knot

This is a necklace that has been designed with an opal gem and a Celtic Triquet Knot representing life, death and rebirth. It is completely made of 925 silver.

Its powerful meaning will remind you that adversity does not last forever. It is a perfect complement if you are looking for standing out at any gathering with your friends and family.

4. Gold braided chain 24 karat

This is a 24 carat gold plated metal braided chain that is 18 inches long. Its minimalist design makes it perfect for men and women.

This practical and comfortable chain is made of resistant materials wear and tear to ensure it will continue to shine like new for years to come. A simple design piece that will look like new every time you use it.

5. Hypoallergenic rings for sensitive skin

This pair of earrings stand out for their plated 24k gold High quality that adds durability and resistance to the elements. Its hypoallergenic material is perfect for sensitive ears.

Their medium size makes them comfortable to use on a daily basis when preparing to go to work or college. It is an accessory that gives your style a touch more feminine.