Elastic and secure garments for pregnant women.

During the pregnancy Women’s bodies are transforming to adapt to the task of carrying a baby for nine months, which is going to begin to develop inside her womb. One of the main difficulties that the future mother may encounter is finding clothes that are comfortable and attractive to her. Thinking about this, today we show you some options in skirts and pants with elastic waist ideal for pregnant women.

1. Pants tight jean


They are slim fit jeans that have a length up to the ankles. These jeans are equipped with an elastic at the waist that makes them very safe for pregnant women, they also have two front pockets and two rear pockets.

Its design means that you do not have to sacrifice your comfort to show off a modern style. Stretch denim maintains shape throughout the day, and its internal panel gives additional support to the bottom of the back.

2. Skirt for pregnant style cowboy


It is a skirt that has been specially designed for pregnant women. This garment fits correctly, securely and anatomically to the changing body of a woman who is in a gestation period.

It has an elastic panel at the waist which adapts perfectly to the size and growth of your belly. One option feminineCasual and comfortable to look beautiful at all times.

3. Skirt with high waist


It has been specially designed to give you a simple style, elegant and comfortable that adapts perfectly to each of the stages of a woman’s pregnancy. The elastic waist band stretches to fit the belly.

It gives you a lot softness and comfort to your everyday clothes, its versatility allows you to use it with any informal look.

4. Pants with high waist


It has a unique design Four-pocket that is convenient for carrying personal items. Its high waist with an elastic panel adapts and adjusts as the weeks of pregnancy advance.

Made with comfortable, tight and highly elastic fabric; this garment is an excellent option for you to combine it both with a t-shirt formal or casual.