Gold has recently become fashionable for use in cosmetics. Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity. As a cosmetic it helps to naturally stimulate the ions found in the skin, thus helping with cell renewal. In this way, gold works as a small charger, between the metal of the product that you use and the electricity that we have in our skin, when both come into contact, it helps to improve the elasticity of the tissues.

Check out these anti-aging serums with gold particles below to improve the appearance of your skin.

1. 24K Gold Serum – Sparkling Oil:

East anti-wrinkle facial treatment It is with oil for skin care, hydration and skin lightening. 24K Gold Liquid Oil Serum uses a powerful blend of vitamins and essential antioxidants and proven ingredients to deeply hydrate, helping to smooth fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. This luxurious serum penetrates deep into the skin, reaffirms, hydrates and replenishes your skin with natural collagen, leaving you with a radiant complexion. It acts as a concealer and remover for age, sun and dark spots.

How to use: After completing the night cleaning routine, apply the oil serum to the face and neck, and gently massage the skin. Allows it to be absorbed through the skin.

2. Eye serum Glamor Gold:

This is an under-eye treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Restores youthful glow deep within the skin’s surface at the cellular level. This product is an anti-wrinkle serum with natural ingredients produced by skin cells that keep the skin moist, supple and smooth. It binds to water molecules, blocking up to 1000 times their weight in moisture. Start collagen production from your skin!

3. Eye serum anti-aging with 24k Gold:

If you’re starting to see the effects of not getting enough sleep, in the bags and circles around your eyes, it’s clear; You need to start treating yourself with gold particle cosmetics. Hard work can be rewarding, but when it starts taking its toll on your appearance, it’s time to let go of the pressure and overtime, and start taking care of yourself. Orogold 24K Eye Serum It allows you to escape to a world of luxury and restore the tranquility your skin needs to look and feel its best.