The probiotics they are live microorganisms, which supplied in adequate amounts promote health benefits. The place in our body where we find the most probiotics is the intestine; and for this reason probiotics are also known as intestinal flora or microbiota. Also, in our mouth and vagina there is a large amount living together.

Today, beyond the field of food and health, probiotics They are being widely used in the cosmetic field. In this sense, they help to regenerate the defensive barrier of the epidermis, they are especially used in treatments for sensitive skin and in mature skin that require more attention due to the loss of part of the regeneration capacity.

They are also of interest to the cosmetics industry because they create a healthy microbiome. That is, make the bacterial flora that lives in our body stay balanced. When the balance of the bacterial flora is altered, we can present reactions on our skin such as irritations, redness or stinging.

This is how research on probiotics in the field of cosmetics has resulted in the fact that they are loaded with bacteria with which to feed the bacterial flora of the epidermis. However, these studies have determined that each human microbe that resides in each individual is particular, so each combination of bacteria will depend on the geographical area or the type of skin.

Finally, the use of probiotics in cosmetic creams it is made in order for the skin to function properly and protect itself, with the correct PH levels and healthy microbiota levels. Furthermore, they also help reduce water loss, increase hydration and leave the skin looking smooth and radiant. Here are some examples of these creams.

1. Cream Facial Moisturizer


Its light whipped formula not greasy and easily absorbed, it contains powerful active ingredients such as probiotics, apple stem cells and peptides, together with vitamins A, C and E.

It helps you speed up the skin renewal process and increase collagen production levels. At the same time the fine lines and wrinkles. You can use it as a moisturizer day or night.

2. Cream Pain relieving

This cream has a special blend of antioxidants, powerful superfruits and anti-aging, combined with probiotics and peptides from the highest quality for effective and corrective care.

Designed to aid recovery of skin barrier function, soothe skin, as well as reactivate and balance levels of good bacteria to improve the microflora of the skin.

3. Cream Renewing and Clarifying

Provides a powerful charge of super antioxidants to combat environmental stressors, support cell turnover, increase collagen and elastin, as well as strengthen dermal immunity.

This cream allows you to stop the cell damage, stimulating circulation and healthy cell renewal, improve clarity, tone and texture so that your skin is radiant and fresh.