The quintessential ingredient for intense hair care.

The Argan oil It is an oily substance of vegetable origin that is also known by the name of desert gold. It is an ingredient of use cosmetic which is obtained through the drying process of the fruits of the argan tree in the sun; once these fruits are dry, the almond seed is manually extracted and then cold-pressed.

This is how obtaining this oil occurs through a totally mechanical process and without the use of any chemical product. Thanks to its cold pressing, the oil obtained has a striking Golden colour clear and its smell is barely noticeable. As for the properties of this oil, it is made up of 80% essential fatty acids and tocopherols or Vitamin E.

When we talk about tocopherols, we mean powerful antioxidants having a high concentration in this oil, they are responsible for facilitating the natural conservation of cells. To fully obtain the benefits that this oil provides, it must be completely pure, without having been mixed with any other product; that is, that all the ingredients that make it up are natural and organic mostly.

This oil in its concentration more pure It is very easy to identify, this is mainly due to its soft smell, its light touch texture and its translucent golden color. Within the multiple benefits of argan oil we can find that it has a high content in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids highly beneficial for the skin and hair.

In this sense, this wonderful ingredient is responsible for preventing premature aging and is capable of repairing hair damage in just a few few applications. With the constant use of this oil in the hair you can make it more hydrated, since it reduces dryness and gives it a lot of shine to each strand.

We can put a little oil and rub it all over the scalp and leave it on for about an hour and then rinse it off. In the case of curly hair, this oil is a special ally when styling it, since with a few drops spread over the hair you can tame it easier, make the hairstyle you want and obtain quality results from beauty salon.

When the hair is damaged and has split ends, you don’t necessarily have to cut it to fix this problem. Apply a few drops of argan oil on the tips to diary, and after a few uses the hair will look much healthier. Just as it is responsible for repairing split ends, when the scalp is dry it is also a excellent ally.

Having a dry scalp in addition to producing itching, can also generate dandruff and irritation. To treat this condition, you just need to put a little argan oil on all your hair before sleep, leave it to act overnight and rinse it the next day to improve this condition. After several days of use, this annoying dryness disappears.

They are multiple the uses and benefits that argan oil provides within cosmetics and especially for hair care. It is a treatment that you can apply by yourself in a practical and simple way, in this way making it visibly improve its appearance and constitution. It can be found at different presentations, since the interest in this wonderful product of nature has increased in the world of beauty; And that is why here we show you several options that you can use by yourself at home to regain the strength and vitality of your hair.

1. Argan extract Virgin


It is a 100% organic oil in its purest state, cold pressed with the best equipment. Provides organic hydration and is naturally rich in beneficial fatty acids, vitamin E and carotenes. The product does not contain any chemical ingredient or artificial preservative.

This oil is in charge of giving you a deep hydration, which provides you with hair with a radiant and glamorous shine. Just apply it to dry, damaged, or brittle hair for a shiny, healthy, and beautiful look in a matter of days. It is the ideal ally not only to condition, but also to nourish each strand of hair and keep it healthy from the inside.

Mask For the hair


It is a hair mask formulated exclusively with pure argan oil. It is responsible for hydrating, repairing, restoring and strengthening the damaged hair. It is a 100% organic product that is formulated with pure argan oil rich in vitamins and essential nutrients to be highly effective in deep hair treatment.

With this mask the texture and softness of your hair improves considerably, while restoring it so that it recovers its healthy appearance and natural shine. Likewise, it deeply conditions each strand of your hair, while promoting growth from the stalk, in order to show hair that is smoother, thicker and healthier.

3. Moisturizer organic argan


This argan oil is an essential multipurpose moisturizer to help achieve beautiful skin, hair and nails. It is a cold-pressed oil, which gives it a texture light Quickly absorbed and free of fragrances, chemicals and preservatives. It has been specially formulated to be used daily in beauty routines in order to provide lasting and effective results.

It is the ideal ally to hydrate your hair regardless of the state of your hair or its fibers. By using this organic argan oil as a mask you are hydrating, cleaning and repairing both your hair from the depth of the strands to the tips. It not only gives you beautiful looking hair, but also a completely healthy mane.

4. Nutritive oil of Moroccan argan

One of the most beneficial ingredients in nature is undoubtedly argan, the oil obtained from this seed is responsible for restoring, repairing, hydrating and deeply renovating the scalp no matter how battered, dry or brittle you are. Being a completely organic and natural product it can be used safely and its results are visible in no time.

It is a very simple option to use. You should only apply with circular massages From the base of the follicle to the ends of the hair, leave to act for one hour and then rinse. This oil bath can be repeated once a week. A few drops daily help to set your hairstyle, giving it a shiny appearance while repairing split ends.

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