Take care of your respiratory system and the well-being of your family.

A humidifier It is a very simple device that is made up of a container of water, which through different systems, evaporates and becomes part of the air in the room where we have placed it. With this device, we have the possibility of improving the humidity of the environment and favoring that the air we are breathing is less aggressive for the respiratory tract.

Therefore a humidifier Home is an excellent investment, which is responsible for improving your living environment during all times of the year. In this sense, it is functional in both winter and summer. For example, in the winter time the air inside the houses is naturally drier and the interior heating only exacerbates this effect.

So when the air is dry it is much harder for you respiratory system And in case of suffering some type of health condition, this air condition tends to make them worse. In such a way that when the air is dry, the nasal passages, the skin and also the hair dry. In these conditions you feel continually thirsty and when you wake up coughing by breathing the dry air while you sleep.

Using one of these devices in our homes helps us to improve the environment by promoting increased humidity, which means a lower risk of microorganisms causing respiratory infections proliferating. With this, we achieve that the air is not so dry, avoiding irritations in our body and making the last step of colds more bearable.

Finally, these devices work very simply: you only need a connection to electrical power and they are ready to use. You should only be careful to clean them regularly to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, use them when it is convenient and do not take care that they are not within the reach of the little ones. Here are some options for humidifiers available to you.

1. Ultrasonic Humidifier Cold Fog


It has a large capacity and is designed to be an intelligent humidifier, it is ultrasonic hot and cold steam, with a triple purification system. It is ideal for any room.

Your 4-liter water tank It is designed for rooms up to 500 square feet. For its part, its operation lasts up to 30 hours between changes. It also has a diffuser of essential oils.

2. Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Rooms


It is equipped with a 7.5 liter high capacity tank And it can work continuously for more than 20 hours. Its coverage area is large and does not require frequent water supply.

You can adjust the desired humidity with its constant humidity function, it also has three levels of fog volume adjustment. It allows you to program the automatic shutdown with its timer.

3. Ultrasonic Humidifier Cold and Hot Fog


It has been designed with a large capacity that allows between 20 and 36 hours of continuous use without having to recharge the water tank. It has a touch control panel and LED display.

Equipped with a reliable design, easy to use and clean. In addition to humidifying it is aroma diffuser, moisturizes the air, helps dry skin, lips and eyes. With its remote control you have greater comfort and accessibility.

4. Mini Humidifier Laptop


With a small and portable design it is very easy to carry anywhere. It has two operating modes which programs by pressing just one button. It is responsible for effectively hydrating dry skin and helping reduce flaking.

Includes a water level sensor built into the interior, which will automatically turn off when the water supply level is below what is indicated.