Turn any TV into a smart TV.

In order to watch any type of content on streaming Easily on your TV, one of the Fire TV accessories are ideal, as they offer a large number of applications so you never run out of anything to watch. These devices connect via Wi-Fi and allow you to watch a huge amount of content on your TV.

With Fire TV you will have an accessory that allows you to connect to thousands of channels, applications and also to Alexa, to increase the functionality of your television. This device connects via HDMI to your TV and wirelessly to your Wi-Fi network.

Through the Fire TV application you can access content from Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube and many more platforms. Thanks to the adapted applications, it is very easy to navigate among the enormous amount of content and find what you are looking for.

Furthermore, these devices allow you to connect to Alexa and therefore to all other smart devices in the home. You can ask Alexa to play your favorite series, play music, show you security cameras, and much more. You can also connect your Fire TV to an Echo speaker for example, and control your TV from anywhere in the house.

With a Fire TV you get content on demand from your favorite applications, without having to pay cable. If you already have some subscriptions to streamingIntegrating a Fire TV into your television can be a good decision to get more out of it. Below we show you the 3 available Fire TV models, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

1. Fire tv

This is the model Fire tv simpler, consisting of the accessory in the form of a pendrive that connects directly to the HDMI port of your TV and a simple remote control to operate, with a microphone included to access Alexa or do voice searches. With this accessory, you can play content in HD quality.

With a price of $ 39.99, East Fire tv offers a high-quality accessory for your television, highly valued by customers in Amazon. They highlight its great functionality, but warn that it is only suitable for use within the United States.

2. Fire TV 4K

With Fire TV 4K We get the same functionality as the previous model, but with higher quality content playback, up to 4K if your TV supports it. It has the same remote control design, which with its built-in microphone allows you to control Alexa and do voice searches.

Is he best-selling model of the guide, with a price of $ 49.99 and that offers the best quality content reproduction.

3. Fire TV Cube

With a slightly larger design, the Fire TV Cube It offers functionality on your TV and also the whole room. Thanks to its design, you can control the TV hands-free, talking to Alexa. Plus, it plays 4K Ultra HD content if your TV allows it.

Although it is the most expensive, with a price of $ 99.99 with a 17% discount, this is the model of Fire tv more versatile. Allows you to use your TV hands-free and access the huge amount of content that Fire TV offers. In Amazon, you are already in pre-sale phase the new model of Fire TV Cube, with improved functions.