A good pair of jeans can change your look and your figure in seconds.

The jeans They are one of the most versatile garments, preferred by all and also essential in any wardrobe. They are practically essential in our day to day; we can easily carry and combine them with everything. We can use them with shirts, t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, sandals, heels, slippers and even high or low boots.

These garments are perfect when you want to hide a part of your body that you do not like at all, but they are also ideal to highlight those attributes that you want to catch your eyes. This time we are going to show you which are the best jeans for accentuate your hips and create a voluminous silhouette like an hourglass.

High-rise jeans with one of the best options to highlight your hips, since they also help you balance your silhouette and your dimensions. For example, if in addition to having pronounced hips, you have a bulging abdomen, this type of jean cut is perfect because it helps you to hide the tummy, highlights your waist and, of course, highlights your hips.

In some cases depending on your silhouette, ripped jeans create a visual effect that tends to make your figure more voluminous, since it makes not only your hips stand out but also your thighs. The straight cuts in the jeans are the best option to stylize your figure without eliminating your natural curves, in addition to your hips, your bust, waist and buttocks also stand out.

Finally, the darker the jeans, more volume will give your figure. Dark colored garments, in addition to being combinable with any shade, are the best option to balance all the contours of your silhouette. Look at the examples that we show you below so that you are not mistaken when choosing the best jeans to show off your hips.

1. Levi’s 721: Skinny jeans


Made with a Cotton Blend, viscose, polyester and elastane. Its closure has a zip and a button and it has 5 pockets. They’re amazing looking jeans, which are designed to make you look fabulous every day.

This jean of high cut They have a modern pin-up style and lengthen your silhouette. You can tuck your favorite shirt around the waist for an instantly flattering, chic look.

2. Fiorella Shapewear: Jeans Push up


They give you comfort and give shape your body. They are made of high quality elastic cotton, they are soft and they give you support in the parts of your figure where it is necessary.

The line of high waist control your waist and will add the watch figure desired by most women. These Colombian high-cut pants come with three jewelry buttons and a flat fly on the front.

3. Aphrodite: Dark high-cut jeans


These jeans dark They are made with a mix of cotton, polyester and spandex with zip closure. Its denim fabric is very soft and elastic designed for daily wear.

Your high cut flatter your silhouetteThey flatten the belly, define your waist and highlight your hips so that you look like a sexy and voluminous hourglass figure. They are made to catch the eyes and captivate with your curves.