The greasy hair It is the product of an excessive amount of hair fat on the scalp, which gives it a heavy and shiny appearance.

This hair fat is very beneficial for fibers of the scalp as they make it look healthy and soft, while protecting it from dryness. But the excessive production of this substance is the fundamental cause of oily hair, which can generate consequences like hair loss.

It is important to note that the causes of this imbalance can be various, although among the most common are hereditary, poor eating habits, reaction to medications or capillary care inadequate. Likewise, the production of hair fat will also depend on the time of year, since the temperature changes They can generate hormonal imbalances.

In case the production of hair fat is excessive, it is necessary to visit a specialist. In this way, it may indicate a treatment with retinoic acid that is responsible for regulating the secretion produced by the sebaceous glands. However in most cases, hair treated with products specific is not enough.

There are hair products that have been specially formulated to restore the balance of these glands. The important thing is to wash oily hair daily, giving massage all over the scalp. If the scalp is treated properly, excess fat can be removed within a few weeks of starting the treatment.

1. Shampoo sulfate free


This is a therapeutic solution for oily, greasy scalps or people suffering from itchy hair. Its ingredients are 100% botanical, formulated to stimulate the cellular renewal of the follicles that make up the scalp.

A product that is responsible for maintaining humidity since it uses components that are responsible for balancing the production of tallow and reduce the accumulation of fat in your hair.

2. Game shampoo and conditioner


It is an intensive treatment made up of shampoo and conditioner formulated with pure and natural ingredients that help control sebum production and get rid of greasy hair.

It is the most suitable option to provide more rigorous care to your scalp. Its formula penetrates deeply into the hair follicles and treats most hair problems from the roots.

3. Formula with natural ingredients


It is a treatment made with an exceptional formula made from an oil of therapeutic grade to solve the causes that produce excess oil in the hair.

A professional treatment that helps control sebaceous glands They are located at the root of the scalp in order to reduce fat production and regain the natural color of the scalp.

4. Treatment for greasy hair

It is a set that includes a shampoo and rinse for daily use. The formula is made from oil of black seeds It helps to restore the vitality, health and shine of the scalp.

It is specially formulated to keep your hair with less fat and restore the original vitality. You can apply it to any type of hair to provide a deep cleaning.