Unfortunately you can’t close the pores on your face, but you can minimize and mattify them so they don’t look shiny. The pores are opened by some black spots and with the excessive production of fat. In order to minimize the pores you must have a special cleaning, so that your pores are thoroughly cleaned and remove those blemishes. Learn which products will help you make your pores look less.

1. Caudalie: deep cleanses your skin to remove impurities from pores

The skin must be cleaned with an exfoliant or a detox product to thoroughly remove and remove dead cells. Using an exfoliant at least once a week or applying a mask every 2 days a week will help to eliminate toxins and impurities that are clogging the pores, and your pores can be minimized.

This is one detox mask It will help control oil production and clean so that your pores do not look large. Remember that you must have a complete routine to start seeing results.

2. Paula’s Choice: use niacinamide to control oil and tighten pores gradually

Niacinamide is the component you need to keep your pores small. It should be applied in the T zone, before heavy products such as moisturizers or serums. This is a toner that will help you feel your skin hydrated, removes impurities, balance the pH of your face and controls the production of sebum.

When using niacinamide it should not be combined with the use of vitamin C, as it could cause some irritation. Be patient, because the results can be seen in a month or up to 3 months. Ideal for mixed and oily skin.

3. Bioderma: sports makeup without a greasy or very shiny face

This is a perfect product if you want to minimize your pores just before applying makeup. After doing all your beauty routine you can apply this cream, it will help control the tallow production and mattifies your T zone and the open pores will be small. It is recommended to apply it before placing your BB cream or foundation makeup.

It can be applied even in an important event and you do not want your face to look shiny or it will be in a very hot place. Remember that cleaning and routine will always be the best allies for your pores don’t look that big.