Certain anemias can be compounded with supplements.

Anemia is a condition that is due to the decrease in hemoglobin in the bloodstream. You will notice dizziness, paleness, headaches, fatigue and you feel weak. Sometimes the solution is to consume certain vitamins and foods so that your red blood cells are not deficient, since supplements can fight anemia and you can recover quickly. What are the best vitamins for anemia?

1. Vitamin C for better iron absorption:

You may have heard that anemia is due to a lack of iron. What you need to make the iron can properly absorb In your body is Vitamin C. This vitamin works by absorbing plant iron and iron supplements. Always keep in mind that when consuming any type of vitamin supplement you need food so that it does not cause irritation, vomiting and nausea.

Vitamin C strengthens your immune system so you don’t suffer from colds, colds or allergies. These capsules have 90 pills that will will last for 2 months.

2. Vitamin B12 so that your red blood cells are not deficient:

Vitamin B12 ensures that your red blood cells are not deficient and with this provide oxygen to body tissues. Also this vitamin takes care of your cardiovascular system and prevent any related disease. It also helps your body to have energy and not feel that fatigue or tiredness. Only consume one vitamin daily.

This vitamin can also be found in meat, eggs, fish, and some dairy products. If you are a vegetarian or vegan this supplement is ideal to prevent anemia.

3. Vitamin B6 for your nervous and immune systems to work the right way:

Vitamin B6 is responsible for the metabolism of red blood cells, ensuring that your nervous and immune systems function properly. When there is a deficiency, anemia can occur together with dermatitis, depression and ulcers. This vitamin is found in salmon, bananas, chicken, fish, and some cereal. It helps a lot that have an emotional balance, it gives you more energy and take care of your heart.

Although this vitamin is not that famous, you need to consume it to prevent anemia or this gets worse. These tablets only need to be placed in your mouth and voila, you do not need water.

4. Vitamin E to take care of circulatory problems that cause anemia:

Vitamin E is another vitamin that is responsible for taking care of your body, lack of this vitamin causes you to have anemia and with this heart and circulatory problems. Although it is a popular vitamin, there are medications that do not allow the absorption of this vitamin. If you take a medicine, ask your doctor about its compatibility with vitamin E.

Vitamin E is not only a great antioxidant but also cares for your heart, skin, hair and even nails. Consume a capsule with food and remember that you need tol minus 3 months of any supplement to see improvements.