You can get a plan with unlimited messages and calls for $ 15 per month.

Cell phone companies like to boast of the great coverage they offer, the latest cell phone models they have, and the gigabytes of internet that their customers can enjoy. However, there are very few ads that explain the cheapest offers that these companies have. Therefore, here I present to you the cheapest phone companies in the United States.


Ting It is one of the cheapest cell phone companies, since you can completely choose the services you want to obtain or pay for. This company allows you to choose the phone lines you want and the number of minutes, text and Internet gigabytes you need, in order to apply the corresponding monthly invoice according to the services.

Each phone line It costs $ 6 a month and you can pay $ 9 a month for a 500 minute fee. For example, if you want to get a line with 500 minutes, 1,000 text messages and no internet, you would pay $ 18 monthly. However, if you add a gigabyte of internet to the plan, the monthly payment would be $ 36. This company is without a contract and does not charge any cancellation fees. Ting currently has over 250,000 clients.

Republic Wireless

With the company Republic Wireless You can get a plan of minutes and unlimited messages for a cost of $ 15 per month, without internet. If you want to get an internet plan you can do it for $ 20 per month, the plan includes unlimited minutes and text with 1GB of internet. For every internet jig you add, the cost of the plan will go up $ 5 per month.

Republic Wireless offers 4G LTE data for all your equipment. With this company you can cancel at any time without charges. You can try Republic Wireless for 14 days and if you don’t like it, the company will refund your money.

3. Meter

Meter It offers no-contract plans, the cheapest is $ 30 per month with 2GB of high-speed data per line and includes unlimited calls and messages. Similarly, they have a plan for $ 40 per month. The plan offers 10GB of high-speed internet, with text and unlimited calls.

Metro has more than 323 million customers and is part of the company T Mobile, thus sharing their service.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile It offers a $ 35 monthly plan with which you can get unlimited texts and calls, with a 3GB internet. After 3GB, speeds are reduced to 2G until the end of the monthly plan cycle.

This plan includes unlimited music streaming and 6 months of free TIDAL. To this plan you can add unlimited calls to and from Mexico, for $ 5 per month. With Boost Mobile you can cancel at any time without charges.